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CBD flower vs. CBD oil: What’s the difference?

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The emerging CBD market has already proved that cannabis comprises a lot more potential than just intoxicating. It is true that its consumption for recreational purposes is much higher than medicinal purposes but the perspectives of people are changing now. Improvised hemp flower species are producing a high amount of vital cannabinoids specifically meant for medicinal use. At a CBD store, one can find more options of processed products as compared to dry hemp buds. When it comes to choosing medicines, people believe in capsules, liquid concentrates and supplement powders more than raw dry herbs. However, a raw hemp bud can also be a great medicinal option if someone knows the right strain and its safe consumption technique. If  you are expecting pure cannabinoids, we recommend flowers and oil concentrates only. Let’s elaborate on both of these options in detail.

Hemp flowers

Flowers of hemp exactly look exactly like THC dominant Sativa, Indica or Hybrid flowers. They are cultivated by improvising the existing native species to obtain the maximum possible cannabinoids. Through bioengineering, scientists have managed to produce some species that contain a high amount of CBDA, CBD, CBC and CBGA. Talking about the intoxicating compounds i.e. THC and THCA, their percentage remains negligible. Some of the most popular hemp flower species currently available in the market are:

  • Harle-Tsu
  • Haleigh’s Hope
  • GI001
  • The Wife
  • Swiss

These flowers are directly consumable through smoking as people consume joint rolls. However, everyone looking for CBD is not a smoker. Therefore, a better alternative should be available. How about vaping a flower? Yes, is possible if you have a hybrid vaporizer device meant for atomizing both liquids as well as solids. These devices are easily available at all cannabis dispensaries. You just have to crush the weed, fill in the heating chamber and turn on the device. It will automatically start producing fine clouds of vapors free from harmful tar. While buying CBD flowers, keep some important things in mind such as:

  • It should be 100 percent organic
  • No pesticides, weedicides and herbicides were used during the cultivation period.
  • Prefer indoor hemp flowers because they get adequate nutrients in a controlled environment and remain safe from outside pollutants.

CBD oil

Oil is the purest form of hemp extract that we can buy from the market. CBD oil is also the most expensive processed product because of its high concentration value. Its cost may vary on the basis of extraction processes that can be:

  • Solvent extraction
  • Olive oil extraction
  • Steam distillation
  • CO2 extraction

The oil obtained through CO2 extraction is more expensive because it remains free from the solvent, highly precise and requires an advanced scientific process to extract properly. In order to keep the hemp extract consumable for a long time, manufacturers add some base oils or carrier oils such as:

  • MCT oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Hemp seeds oil

Oil is more potent than CBD hemp flower because of its high concentration. Therefore, consume it carefully as per the instructions of a physician. While consuming oil, a person knows the exact percentage of cannabinoids in every drop. However, there is no method to determine the exact percentage of cannabinoids present in hemp flowers.

Hemp flower is basically a raw material meant for producing concentrated oils, tinctures, various confectionary edibles and even vaping juices too. However, it is also consumable in raw form. If you know the right strain and appropriate quantity, flowers could be a better choice. They are inexpensive, 100 percent organic and can promote health exactly as you expect from expensive oil concentrates.

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