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Cave Week celebrates Virginia spelunking

Virginia Cave Week will be held April 19-25 to promote an understanding of Virginia’s caves and the surrounding limestone habitats known as karst. Sponsored by the Virginia Cave Board, the week is used to encourage educators of all subjects to actively engage their students from kindergarten through high school using in-class activities and by visiting one of the state’s numerous commercial caves.

To encourage this activity, Dixie Caverns, Grand Caverns, Shenandoah Caverns, and Skyline Caverns are offering a discount if you mention “Virginia Cave Week” when buying a ticket. The discount is good for the week of April 19-25.

“Caves are among the most beautiful habitats of the natural world,” said Cave Board Chairman Tom Lera. “They contain valuable geological, archaeological, and biological resources worthy of conservation and study.”

This year’s Virginia Cave Week theme “Karst in the Watershed Regions” highlights connections between water quality in the western karst counties downstream to the Chesapeake Bay. Educators and others are encouraged to visit to access a variety of cave-related education resources.

Virginia is rich in cave and karstland resources with over 4,000 known caves. The Virginia Cave Board was established to conserve and protect the state’s caves and karstlands and advocate the wise use of these resources.

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