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Casinos without registration growing in popularity in Scandinavia

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Online casinos have traditionally gathered a lot of information about players during the registration process. This is starting to change for some online casinos that are available to players in Scandinavian countries like Finland and Sweden.

For example, it’s now common for people in Finland to search for nettikasinot ilman rekisteröitymistä (online casinos without registration in the Finnish language). They are looking for a new type of online casino that does not require lengthy registration and which is becoming more popular in Scandinavia.

What is a casino without registration?

A casino without registration is also often referred to as an instant casino or a no account casino. Simply put, this type of casino can be accessed by using BankID as a means of verification.

This means that players can sign-up in seconds, using Trustly to verify their bank details. It also means that all deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly. These casinos are only available to people in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Finland right now but there is much discussion about making them available in other countries.

How does this work?

The sign-up process for a casino without registration is simple. Players need to:

  • Click to “play now” at the casino.
  • Click to make a deposit.
  • Verify their identity using BankID.
  • Start playing.

This process is all completed using Trustly, the BankID provider which is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and is a licensed payment institute.

Once a user has completed the sign-up process, an account is created in the back office of the casino. This is done by linking personal and financial data that is held by Trustly and the player’s bank. So, to call this type of casino a no account casino is not entirely correct. It’s just that no lengthy registration process is required.

This method of playing at an online casino is safe for players, as well as being convenient. This is because Trustly uses digital signatures that are unique to each user. Encryption is also used by Trustly and by the casino, so that no third party can ever access a player’s unique account.

Why are these casinos so popular?

There are several reasons why casinos without registration are becoming so popular.

  • Players enjoy the convenience of not having to complete long and complicated registration forms.
  • There is no need for players to wait for their identity to be verified. This is all done automatically using BankID.
  • Once the player makes their first deposit, and verifies their ID, they can simply resume playing at any time using their browser. The browser remembers the cached details. If a player chooses to log out, it’s easy to log back in using the same details they did to create the account.

It’s easy to see why these casinos are popular in Scandinavia but will this popularity spread elsewhere?

Will the popularity of these casinos extend to other countries?

Online casinos continue to grow in popularity globally, with more of them opening each year. There is definitely room for casinos without registration to be part of this.

However, the situation is more complicated than that. This is because this type of casino relies on the process of using a BankID system like Trustly. This type of system is currently only approved for use in some Northern European countries.

There will need to be changes in other countries around the world in order for this to change. This may be a problem as the system can involve access to information such as social security numbers or other government-issued ID.

However, given the fact that this type of ID system is becoming popular for use in various forms of commercial setting in Europe, there are likely to be discussions about its use globally.

In summary

The popularity of casinos without registration is growing in Scandinavia. This rise in popularity owes much to the improved convenience levels that these casinos provide for players.

The growth in popularity trend seems set to continue in Northern Europe. However, in order for this type of casino to be used globally, the process of using BankID needs to be more widely adopted.

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