Cash Cartier sheds light on the importance of relentlessness in today’s Corporate America

The ruthless, and seemingly lawless trade of modern Corporate America has offered both prosperity and sorrow to thousands of young and enthusiastic business leaders. For young Kaleb Mickens, a life overshadowed by loss, hardships, and financial ruins allowed him to redirect his purpose leading him to become one of the world’s most notable networking marketers and modern-day social media influencers.

After years of toil, and planting himself firmly in the world of business, Cash Cartier, became internationally known as “The King of Network Marketing.” Success doesn’t come easy, nor does it come without hard work, but Cash Cartier turned his goals into reality, pursuing his passion of trading, business, entrepreneurship, and being an inspiration for others.

Spending some time with Cash Cartier gives you a better perception of the relentlessness needed to become a key player in Corporate America. We managed to dig a bit deeper into how a young man used his humble beginnings to become a leader in network marketing with over 3,00 global clients.

Who is ‘The King of Network Marketing?’

Born Kaleb Mickens, Cash Cartier found himself leading a life filled with complicated affairs. From the young age of 22, Cash started his entrepreneurial ventures, assisting his mentor in creating and establishing Walkin ATMs. The Walking ATM concept was a way to introduce and educate people about stocks, trading, and the rapidly growing financial markets.

Although his entrepreneurial ventures could become lucrative in the future – he saw a better opportunity with day trading. As he honed the skill of trading and technical analysis, Cash was able to create a multi-fold portfolio for a list of well-established businesses.

Facing difficulty in his personal life, Cash managed to gain more insight into the world of network marketing. Combining his business and entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to effectively work with people, Cash opted to assist multiple businesses and individuals to grow their monetary streams.

How Cash Cartier explains the importance of Relentlessness

In 2019, Cash Cartier found himself losing three of his most important family members within one month. As he struggled to overcome the burdens of loss, he was tumbled into a world of financial implications and debt. Using his willingness to succeed and create success from his adversity, Cash Cartier received the opportunity to talk at an event at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth.

Cash explained that although difficulty can push you down, finding what you’re great at and pursuing it to make you and others around you better can lead to years of success. In the realm of Corporate America where a bearish attitude won’t offer great success, it’s important to reflect on personal capabilities, even when faced with some of the most tremendous challenges ever.

His humble beginnings, from bussing tables to day trading, to now being one of the most influential networking marketers in the industry is a testament to how anyone can confront their obstacles. Small gains can easily accumulate into bigger success. Yes, Corporate America isn’t for anyone, and the young and ambitious entrepreneurs or business leaders who do make it to the top can give hope to those who feel as if life has turned against them.

Looking at where Cash comes from, and how he managed to make every opportunity work for him gives us a clearer picture that past experiences are only pushing us to become more complacent for future endeavors.

What we can learn from Cash Cartier

As already mentioned, Cash took up many positions and jobs in his life, and although this ultimately led to him becoming “The King of Network Marketing” we can now see how a difficult past shouldn’t affect your future.

Cash has mastered the skill to help others build success in the world of business. Through all of his endeavors, Cash had only this to say, ‘stay humble, and keep your goals in clear view no matter what you do.”

As we look forward to seeing more of Cash in the future, he’s constantly keeping his schedule filled with new business ventures, growing his network circle, and still having the capacity to spend time with his trusted K-9 companion.

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