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CASA in Action endorses Mark Herring for attorney general

mark herring
Mark Herring

Progressive immigrant rights organization CASA in Action announced Tuesday its endorsement of Attorney General Mark R. Herring’s re-election campaign.

“Since becoming attorney general in 2014, Mark Herring has always advocated for the safety, security, and prosperity of Virginia’s immigrant communities,” said Alonzo Washington, CASA in Action’s executive director. “He fought for college affordability for DACA recipients, advocated for protections for TPS holders, and continues to be a champion for healthcare accessibility in the commonwealth. In order to continue building an environment that allows all Virginians to be successful, we need Mark Herring in the Office of the Attorney General.”

“CASA in action is a dynamic organization that advocates for the most underrepresented immigrant communities in the commonwealth, I’m proud to have their support,”  Herring said. “With their support, we will continue to guarantee protections for our immigrant communities, and ensure that Virginia stays an environment where immigrants can come start businesses, feel safe, and live with dignity.”

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