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Careers that make a positive difference to the world

businessWhen you switch on the news or look online there always seems to be a profusion of bad news stories, and that’s not just in Virginia but right across the globe. There’s an old saying that has a lot of truth to it: if you want to change the world, first change yourself. Many students just about to embark upon a university course or the search for a career have taken this advice to heart, and are determined to make it into jobs that can make a real and positive difference to the world we live in. If that sounds like you, here are three careers that could be an ideal choice.

Medical Careers

Medical careers are perhaps the most important of them all, as they allow people to save lives and transform a patient’s health for the better. There are many varied jobs under this umbrella, from doctors and nurses to midwives, dentists, opticians, and physiotherapists, but they all have the capacity to make someone’s life much better than it previously was. There’s also a large support staff behind all these professions too, including health care managers, educators, and administrators, and these could be ideal options for those looking for an office-based career within the world of medicine.

Environmental Campaigning

Global warming and other environmental problems are possibly the biggest danger facing the world today, which is why it’s important that we all do our best to adopt a greener lifestyle. If you want to make an even greater contribution to our planet’s environment, however, there are a number of careers that allow you to do just that. Leading eco charities and organizations such as Greenpeace and Conservation International employ large numbers of people in roles from computer programming and marketing to environmental management and campaigning, and smaller local organizations are also looking for the right staff. If you’re highly educated, motivated and passionate about the environment this may be your perfect career move.

Political Management

Let’s face it, politicians have something of a bad name at the moment, but that’s why it’s so important that people who believe in the power of politics to do good enter the profession. Politics is big business in the West Virginia and Greater Washington area, and having a politics degree to master’s level from George Washington University can really open the doors. It’s even possible to gain a masters in political management degree from the comfort of your own home by enrolling at George Washington University online, and it still carries the same kudos. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, having a higher degree in political management can help you secure senior jobs within the party machine. This means that you can help to shape the politics of tomorrow, and in doing so make the world a better place.

The worlds of medicine, ecology, and politics all employ huge amounts of people across America, in many diverse positions, but everyone working within them has an opportunity to make a positive difference to the society they live in. Having a passionate interest in a subject, and a recognized qualification can make you stand out from the crowd, leading to a career that provides job satisfaction as well as a potentially lucrative salary.

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