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Careers: Landing your dream job with resume services professionals

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While there are some resume styles that are often copied by most job applicants, your resume should aim to stand above the competition by reflecting the strength of your educational background, your unique experiences and your relevant job skills. You might even want to consider using resume services or even making multiple versions of your resume so that each application is tailored to the jobs you really want.  Here are a few key points to remember when making a resume which will help you to organize your thoughts and show the best image possible to prospective employers.

When starting out on the resume process, the best place to begin is to carefully read the available job opening so that you can find something that interests you.  As you search for different job openings, analyze each job description for keywords that show what the employer is looking for in an ideal candidate. Include keywords in your resume search whenever relevant. For instance, when applying for Medical Billing Coder jobs, prospective employers may use keywords like as “claims submission,” “coding”, “AR management”, or “compliance” in the job description. Pay special attention to items listed in sections labeled “Qualifications” or “Requirements”.  If you believe your skills match what the employer is seeking, be sure to add these terms to your search in the skills or experience sections.

Since employers have only a limited time to review each resume, you should try to be as clear as possible.  The most professional formatting techniques use basic, clean fonts and innovative layout designs. Professional resume writers will select a clear, readable font that will help make your resume stand out from the rest of the competition. You must also make sure to eliminate extraneous whitespace, as too many areas of blank space could make your resume seem incomplete and sparse.  This can distract hiring managers and possibly raise a red flag.  Professional resume services can help you to reduce extra white space, making it easier for hiring to read the document and focus on the content that matters most.  A professional resume writer can also help you to add new sections to your resume where it is appropriate.

When looking at most common resumes, you might find there are often recommended sections you don’t need.  For instance, you might require a resume objective or resume summary.  But you usually shouldn’t include both.  If a job seeker is recently graduating from high school or college and without yet holding a professional position, it might be best to avoid including an empty section on work history. Instead, it might be best to replace that experience section with prior coursework or academic achievements (i.e. extracurricular projects or internships) which might be relevant to the position.  Your resume professional might also find it best to combine sections in cases where you are having trouble filling a complete section with two or more bullet points.

A final point is that professional resume writers help editing and proofreading that you are unlikely to master on your own.  Before you ever send a resume, it is important to undergo several different rounds of proofreading.  This helps to ensure there aren’t grammar spelling errors that can make you look careless. Of course, there are several proofreading programs and software tools that can be used.  However, these will not catch every mistake so a resume professional should be the extra pair of trusted eyes to review your resume.  As always, is helpful to have an objective third party assess your resume as if they were your employer so that you can find ways to correct or improve your resume before submission.

If you are looking for a professional resume writer that will actually help you get the interviews you want, enhance your career, and get the professional resources you need, more information is available at Good luck with your job search!

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