Capri, Hypes and a musical movement

Local celebrities Bobby Capri and Andrew Hypes are moving up into the big boys league. The duo has had shows here in the Valley as well as up and down the East Coast, including, Washington, D.C., Brooklyn and Manhattan.

The pair have made their way from independent artists to collaborating and joining the independent label, Heavy Green Entertainment with the help of Charles Perez. In July of last year, Capri and Hypes and the rest of the Heavy Green movement joined together for a show at Expoland in Fishersville, where Grammy-winning group Nappy Roots performed alongside Capri and Hypes. This Thursday, Aug. 12, Heavy Green will once again open up for Nappy Roots in Richmond at the Hat Factory. The next day will be occupied by rushing to NYC for a show that Friday evening in the East Village, Manhattan.

The combination of unstoppable beats and rhymes has made this pair one of a kind. It is hard to come by two artists so dedicated in what they do. Capri and Hypes can be found at any time of the day or night at the Studio C in Downtown Staunton, where they first began their collaboration after Hypes returned from LA working with artist Rich Hil.

The two have been turning heads since their mix tape, “The Blur.” Now their newest album, “Raybans and Cardigans,” has hit the airwaves. Radio interviews in Harrisonburg and NYC have been helpful at getting the word out. Local bars have also been known to play some of the “Raybans and Cardigans” CD.

Their number one song, “She’s A Killer,” can be found on, along with performances from various venues. If you are interested in buying a “Raybans and Cardigans” mix tape, contact either Capri or Hypes through Facebook.

Column by Jenny Hypes. Jenny can be reached at

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