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Cantor comments on Dem jobs focus

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Remarks from Seventh District Republican Congressman Eric Cantor at Tuesday’s GOP Press Stakeout:

“Good morning. Well, I guess the switch is on. The Speaker announced today she’s going to begin to focus on jobs. The White House also now has decided that for December we will finally be focusing on deficits and jobs and how it affects our families.

“We say it’s about time, I say you gotta be kidding me. They have for months now been about more spending, leaving a wake of deficits in their trail, and now they want to focus on what’s important. Sometimes it is difficult for us to take the other side seriously, but if they are serious we welcome this news. Republicans have been working for months now trying to forge solutions as to how to get Americans back to work. We urge Speaker Pelosi to take into consideration some of the Republican solutions for job creation and look forward to working together so that we can get this economy back on track.”


Cantor’s comments on YouTube

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