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Cantor celebrates Luray’s 200th Anniversary


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Rep. VA-7) joined in Luray’s anniversary celebration of 200 years.  Reading the comments that he offered to the US House of Representatives, he presented Luray Mayor Barry Presgraves, members of the Town Council and the citizens of Luray,  a plaque depicting his oration from March 21, 2012.

“It is with a sense of pride,” said Cantor, “that Virginia looks to Luray and Page County for its tremendous natural beauty.”

“We have so many Americans,” he continued, “that come here year round to enjoy the beauty and to explore the local character and culture.”

Mayor Presgraves added that beautiful surroundings only added to a long list of things for Luray to be proud of in their bicentennial year celebration.  Citing Lord Fairfax Community College’s recent announcement of their collaboration with Old Dominion University, The Luray Greenway, over 300 acres of award-winning parks, World Class sporting events and venues and a growing arts program, Presgraves highlighted the many events scheduled for the year.

He also reminded the town of the $40 million investment made by Valley Health which will be building a new hospital complex.  “It is not very often,” Presgraves stated, “that you have someone come to your door and say ‘we have $40 million that we are going to spend.”

Presgraves also stated that for these reasons along with others including fiscal responsibility shown by the town’s management and leadership of the town council members that Luray was “A community to watch.”

Cantor added, “It is unusual to hear of a town like this welcoming the kind of investment that [Valley Health] has announced.”   He was excited to hear about and congratulated the town on its growth.

“It is an indispensible part of Virginia History,” said Cantor, “and an integral part of Virginia’s future.”  He added that ever since he began representing Luray and Page County as the representative of Virginia’s Seventh District there has been meeting upon meetings which have made commitments to “take the Town Luray to the next level.”

In doing so Cantor stressed the need “to maintain the local character of the town as well as keep the young minds and innovation within those young minds here at home and at work.”

For more information on the Bicentennial Celebration events being held all year in Luray visit

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