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Can separate bathrooms help your relationship?

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When you meet ‘the one’ you often find that people have all kinds of advice about how to hang on to them for life. We all want to keep the love alive, so it’s worth hearing the opinions of people that matter to you.

But you should also be selective about the tips you choose to follow. After all, some people are convinced that you should never use bad language in front of a partner or let them see you out of make-up!

While these might seem a little extreme, we have a recipe for undying love for you… separate bathrooms! Actor Michael Caine swears by ‘his and hers’ bathrooms, according to an interview in Esquire.

Here are four reasons why having your own space could be the secret of success:

  1. A little mystery can be a good thing

While you might love every little thing about your partner, it’s good to keep some things a little more private. Watching someone trim their toenails or nose hair isn’t the most romantic thing about sharing your home! With separate bathrooms you can have a little me time and personal space to keep yourself attractive to your partner, without them seeing every step of the process.

  1. No waiting – no stress

We’ve all spent time waiting to use the bathroom, and if you’re running late for work or an important night out, those precious moments are important. Instead of losing your temper and banging on the door, a separate bathroom means you can both get ready at the same time. It’s a brilliant argument avoider!

  1. A space that’s all your own

Bathroom design can split opinions in even the most rock-solid couples. One might love a bath while the other prefers to shower. Style and décor preferences can vary widely too – and while one of us might love to have all our products and cosmetics to hand, another might crave a clutter-free space. Creating a bathroom space for each of you means you can create exactly what you want in a bathroom. It might be a functional wetroom for cleansing in a hurry, or a lavish home spa where you can while away the hours. For a little inspiration, imagine how this industrial-chic lamp could look in your bathroom space…

  1. It’s more affordable than you think

The idea of separate bathrooms might seem like a no-brainer for a Kardashian-style home, but it’s actually something that’s easily achieved in much more humble surroundings. You can add an en-suite or update a cloakroom to a full bathroom for a very manageable sum. Adding a bathroom to your home can cost less than £2,000 and adds plenty of property value. And if it adds to the lifespan of your treasured relationship, it’s an investment that’s sure to be worthwhile.

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