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Can Instagram be used for business?

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With more than 1 billion monthly active users, lower competition, and more engaged Instagrammers, it is logical for businesses to use Instagram to market their products. Unlike paid advertising, using Instagram marketing doesn’t require you to spend a huge amount of money. You can even use Instagram advertising to reach more people at a very cheap rate.

Appeal to Customers Without Appearing Pushy

As a business owner or marketer, you can soft sell products and services to Instagram users without being too pushy. Just post the right images with the right marketing message and see the magic spell. Most users turn to Instagram for references before buying a product. Instagram offers you the opportunity to turn these passive shoppers into customers for your business.

Setting up Your Business Presence on Instagram

The Business Instagram account is not the same as a personal account on the network.  When creating your account, use your business name for the account and write a brief description of your business. Next, work on your Instagram bio. Make it catchy and informative. Don’t forget to place a clickable link to your website, landing page link, or call to action in the bio. Make sure you make it clear what your business actually is and what you sell. But avoid being too salesy. Upload your logo or a professional image relevant to your business as your profile picture.

Post Interesting Content

When someone follows your business on Instagram, it means they’re looking for value. This is where a content marketing strategy can help you out. You can either create value for them with your Instagram content or with your offers or both. In any case, use the power of images, after all, Instagram started as a photo-sharing app.

Come up with creative ways for growing your Instagram and to engage your followers. Think about posting beautiful, quality photos of your best selling products or videos of how your products are made. Or create something original and witty for the post to go viral. And never forget to use Instagram stories to engage your audience with exciting content. But avoid hard selling because that goes against the network’s social culture.

Grow Your Instagram Organically

Getting followers on Instagram is challenging, especially if you have a new or small business. If you find yourself in such a situation, consider using an organic Instagram growth service. There are many Instagram promotional services out there that can grow your Instagram organically. These services can help increase the number of your followers. The good news is that these followers are real people who will engage with your brand to increase your reach and get additional followers. However, never use an Instagram growth service that sells bot-generated Instagram followers because they don’t increase your Instagram followers organically. Those accounts are not operated by real people.

Expand Your Reach With #Hashtags

Using popular and relevant hashtags is one of the best ways to reach more of your target audience. There are many popular hashtags at any given time on Instagram. Choose hashtags that are specific to your business or create content that is in tune with popular hashtags. When you do so, people can easily find your business or content. This increases your chance of getting new followers.

Tap Into Influencer Marketing

While having a business account on Instagram comes with many advantages, nothing can beat the power of Instagram influencer marketing if you can afford it. Do your research on people with more followers on Instagram and approach them to endorse your products on the social media platform. Don’t forget to ask them to tag your business account in the post. This will not only help increase your sales but also increase your Instagram followers. You’re in luck if you have a friend with thousands of followers on Instagram. You can use them as influencers…for free!

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