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Can a Shopify agency work for larger companies?

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Do any kind of research online and you’ll see that a Shopify agency can help startups and established ecommerce stores thrive. One of the main reasons why the platform is as popular as it is, is based on its flexibility, how quick a site can be launched and the fact that there seems to be an app for pretty much everything. The question is, are all of the available benefits scalable enough for it to be used by large companies? The answer is yes and there are quite a few high-profile examples .

Let’s have a look at a few of them …

Heinz, Nescafe & Lindt

The list of big companies that have enjoyed what Shopify offers is quite an extensive one. The Swiss chocolate makers Lindt, Nescafe and Heinz are just three of the high-profile businesses that have turned to a Shopify agency for services – highlighting the fact that the platform is indeed capable of meeting the needs of large enterprises.

The benefits available to all sizes of ecommerce retailer include:

  • Sites are automatically mobile-friendly
  • It’s customizable, unlike other more restrictive platforms
  • The platform is very stable and rarely goes down
  • The full range of marketing tools are available

Experts are there to help you make sense of everything for you. Your average Shopify agency can make use of all of these tools to make retail stores ideally set up to encourage sales and make sure that they get found online – as it’s no good having a great site that no one can find.

Even popstars use Shopify

You might be surprised to know that even the world’s biggest pop stars use the platform to sell their merch’, which as you can imagine, means that a huge amount of traffic heads towards their websites on a daily basis. Lady Gaga and Adele have both used a Shopify agency to market their wares, so it’s pretty obvious that Shopify can be used for both the smallest and the very biggest e-retail purposes.

It’s important to say at this point that when you’re dealing with bigger online retail store needs, you’re likely to have to use their Shopify Plus service. It costs a lot more, but you get a lot more for your money and extra benefits like a dedicated account manager, unlimited staff accounts, access to more apps and their Merchant Success Program.

You will need to be a bigger retailer to afford Shopify Plus though, as the monthly cost is quite high. The core offering is the same as Shopify, but with a lot more whistles and bells and the price point is more in line with what a successful store would make in terms of profit. This is why the usual path for smaller ecommerce stores is to start with standard Shopify and then move up to Plus when the time is right.

Is Shopify suitable for bigger retailers? Absolutely

Shopify Plus is ideal for bigger retailers, but at $2,000 per month those who don’t shift quite as many units as the big boys will likely find it cost-prohibitive. However, if you run an established ecommerce store that makes enough to afford it, a Shopify agency could use Shopify Plus to take your website and your sales to the next level.

Certainly something to think about for anyone with serious aspirations of having a success online retail store.

Story by Zeeshan Tahir

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