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Campaigns that win: Executive search for marketers

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Every major company has a marketing department. But marketing isn’t filled with “marketers” in the same way accounting is filled with accountants. You’ve got graphic designers and copywriters. Lead-gen specialists. Campaign managers. PPC and SEO strategists. The list of marketing job descriptions goes on and on, and they’re all important cogs in a functioning marketing machine.

But what happens when you need to hire for your marketing department? Many companies put up a job post for a “marketing professional.” What they get are dozens, hundreds or even thousands of applications for a position that has no real definition. What’s a marketer? Sure, some applicants may fit the bill—they have general experience across different aspects of marketing. But a jack of all trades is a master of none.

If you want your marketing department to succeed, hire specialists. Turning to recruiters like M&A Search helps companies target talent, instead of general skills.

There’s no substitute for experience

Scrapping a generalized job post for an executive search does one important thing right from the get-go: it enriches the experience of the talent pool. Anyone can call themselves a “marketer” when they apply to an open job post. They can show you examples and point to a résumé filled with experience, but it means nothing without context. Will they thrive in your marketing department?

An executive search provider pre-screens individuals and selects the ones who have valuable, proven experience. You’re not getting someone who “did all the marketing at their last job;” you’re getting someone who had a specific role in a broader marketing mechanism, whose refined skills contributed to a broader success. You don’t need someone to come in and shoulder a little of everything—you need someone who knows how to do the job you’re asking of them. And you can bet they’ll do it well.

Mix new tactics with traditional intent

Many companies tout the general talent pool as a broader opportunity to attract new-age thinkers and up-and-coming talent. That premise assumes an executive search provider doesn’t attract these individuals! In fact, the exclusivity of the talent pool of executive recruiters is what drives many top-tier candidates to network with them.

The result is a win for companies seeking experienced marketing talent. Not only do you have access to individuals who can do the job you need them to, these individuals are likely on the cutting edge of doing it better than anyone else! These are people who combine classic marketing tactics with modern software, and who mix proven marketing tactics with the potential of new outreach mediums. Concepts like influencer marketing, synergistic messaging, experiential marketing and marketing automation all originate from top-level thinkers. It’s these thinkers that understand their demand and choose a recruiter to handle the hiring and placement process for them.

If the bottom line is to drive success in your marketing campaigns, it only makes sense to hire trailblazing specialists who can bring the X factor to your approach. To do that, look beyond the broader talent pool.

Executive search brings marketers home

Consider the psychology of hiring someone: employers interviewing candidates who want the job. But what if it was the other way around? What if the company wants the candidate and the candidates decides if they want the job? It’s a bizarre and daunting concept for many companies, but it might be the one that brings immeasurable talent into your marketing department.

“The marketing professionals coming from an executive recruiter are in-demand. They’re not looking for any job—they’re looking for the job they want,” said Cale Loken, Digital Marketing Consultant at 301 Madison Consulting. “They want a position where they’ll thrive and succeed, and where they’ll continue to grow professionally. They want culture and leadership, and the ability to do things their way. When they get these things, they’re likely to bring success with them.”

Simply put: letting marketing professionals choose their home gives them a reason to thrive.

Working with a recruiter means matching the right marketing professional with a position that they’ll not only excel in, but one they choose to excel in. Think of them as your all-stars. Players like Babe Ruth or Brett Favre could play for any team they wanted. They chose where to take their greatness. Imagine tapping into that kind of talent! It can be as simple as letting an experienced marketing professional choose you, and that’s as easy as working with an executive recruiter.

Build a team designed to win

Whether you’re hiring for an SEO strategist or a lead-gen specialist, you need to be conscious of who you’re hiring and how you’re hiring them. Avoid generalists and masters of none. Move away from the broad talent pool and instead, fish in richer waters. Employing executive search for marketers will help you attract the proven talent you need to take your marketing campaigns to a whole new level of success.

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