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Buying a used car? Do a license plate lookup first

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In today’s world, a license plate lookup is crucial if you decide to buy a used car. For the longest time, people had to go to the local DMV office to perform license plate lookup. The process was long and strenuous, involving filling out forms and waiting in line to be served. This has changed all thanks to online resources like VinFreeCheck.

VinFreeCheck offers a free online license plate lookup regardless of the state you reside in. This free online service makes it possible for you to check important data about the vehicle you are about to purchase. The best part is that this free online resource only takes a few minutes to get all the details you need. You no longer need to visit your local DMV offices to get these relevant records. All you need to do is visit VinFreeCheck online with the license plate number you want to look up.

Why should I do a license plate lookup?

The world today is full of fraudsters looking to exploit others. When you decide to buy a second-hand vehicle, a license plate lookup will protect you from exploitation in pricing and ensures you get value for your money. A license plate lookup also protects you from fraudsters who potentially swap license plates when using stolen vehicles. A license plate lookup will give you an idea of the market value of any given vehicle. Understanding the history of a vehicle provides you with leverage to negotiate better terms.

A license plate lookup gives you the complete history of a vehicle. You will get information about a vehicle’s past owners, how it was used, and whether it has ever been involved in any serious accidents. You can also learn whether the car has ever been used in any criminal or legal issues. You also get to know of any serious repairs done on the car. This information is important to have before closing the deal on a used vehicle.

With a free online license plate lookup, there is no reason to buy a second-hand car without learning as much as you can about it.

What information do I get from the report?

VinFreeCheck uses a useful reporting style that gives you in-depth knowledge about the history of any vehicle. The report you get contains a wealth of information. This includes:

  • A junk and salvage title check – this will tell you whether the vehicle has ever been sold as insurance junk or a salvage
  • A vehicle usage and lien record – get to know whether the vehicle is currently under a loan, whether it was used in a lease or is presently being used as a rental vehicle
  • A collision and flood history check – learn whether the vehicle has ever been in an accident or a flood
  • Odometer reading – you can tell whether the odometer reading has ever been altered and tampered with
  • Previous owners – you get to know how many other people have owned the vehicle in the past

If you need a more detailed report, it is possible to get a VinFreeCheck premium report for a small fee.

The information included in the premium report includes: 

  • The specific car model details, including the year of manufacture and type of vehicle it is
  • The accurate odometer reading listed from the first reading when the car was new to the current, accurate reading
  • The damage checks – includes all damage records for the vehicle
  • Title checks and records – this is a section that lists checks for any issues related to the title of the car. You also get the title records in chronological order
  • Accident records – this is a section that lists all the accident records on the vehicle
  • Salvage/junk. Insurance records – you get all the details and dates on insurance claims made on the car and whether it is a salvage or was sold as a junk

With such information at hand, it gives you the confidence that you are getting a solid used car deal. Should you uncover some defects of the vehicle, you can negotiate for a better deal that reflects the true value of the car.

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