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JAN - 13 - Toronto Criminal Law - Why “Public Mischief” Is More Than Just A Little Mischievous In Toronto’s Criminal Law

Why ‘public mischief’ is more than just a little mischievous in Toronto’s criminal law

Being charged with public mischief in Toronto might not sound very serious, but the consequences of the charges may be very severe.

JAN - 24 - Truck Accident Attorney (Houston) - Five Pieces Of Information You Will Need When You Meet With A Truck Accident Attorney In Houston

Five pieces of information you will need when you meet with a truck accident attorney In Houston

If you are in a truck accident in Houston, the first step that you need to take is to hire a local truck accident attorney in Houston who knows how to handle the complexity of being in a truck accident.


Virginia unemployment rate holds steady at 3.7 percent

Virginia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was unchanged in December at 3.7 percent, but was down 0.4 percentage point from a year ago. Virginia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate continues to be below the national rate, which was unchanged in December at 4.1 percent.

writing essay

Write my thesis paper for me: The reasonable ways to choose a writing agency

Need a professional to tell them ‘write my thesis paper for me’? Grab the key tips to choose the best possible assistant. Get the needed help of high quality with ease.

food truck

Pricing your food truck menu

Of all the crucial decisions taken by a food truck owner, none is more impactful than deciding the prices for your menu items. At a surface level it might seem a fairly simple task but as you dig in a bit deeper, you realize the involved complications and factors.

teenagers looking for a job

Advice for teenagers looking for a job

There are many reasons teenagers look for jobs. Maybe they want to save their money for a car, are tired of asking their parents for money, or just want some extra pocket cash.


Advice for people with huge amounts of debt

When it comes to debt problems, it is important for people to take action quickly because this type of problem can quickly get out of control and this can affect your life in many ways.

bridgewater college

Business leader Dorri Scott to speak at Bridgewater College

Dorri Scott, a business leader who focuses on women’s leadership, will speak at 7 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 1, in the Boitnott Room at Bridgewater College.

hearing healthcare

Putting off dealing with hearing loss can lead to long-term damage

Putting off dealing with hearing loss is more than just putting off the inevitable. You may be doing more damage to your hearing by delaying taking action.

virginia distillers association

Virginia Distillers Association presents The Virginia Craft Spirits Roadshow

The third stop on the inaugural Virginia Craft Spirits Roadshow will be February 10 at the Mariner’s Museum in Newport News.


Livestock outlook for 2018 a positive one

The 2018 outlook for the U.S. livestock and poultry sectors is generally positive. There are, however, concerns for both markets as uncertainty looms around trade agreements, said James Robb, director and senior livestock economist for the national Livestock Marketing Information Center.


2018 Farm Bill to benefit everyone: Not just farmers

Passage of the 2018 Farm Bill is a top priority for many farmers, but representatives of America’s and Virginia’s largest farm organizations say everyone benefits from the bill.


Food Safety Modernization Act goes into effect Jan. 26

The Food Safety Modernization Act will go in effect Jan. 26. Considered the most sweeping update of U.S. food safety laws in more than 70 years, it will affect the nation’s largest-scale produce growers, including some in Virginia.

gas prices

AAA: Virginia gas prices continue upward trend

Local and national gas prices continue to increase despite the traditional dip drivers are used to seeing following the first of the year. In Virginia, some metro areas are seeing prices up to five cents higher than last week.


Earth Talk: Is it greener to take showers or baths?

Can you settle this age-old question for me once and for all: Is it greener to take showers or baths? And how can I save water either way? 


Virginia soybeans, peanuts saw highest yields ever in 2017

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services released the estimates for crop production in 2017 and the earlier forecast for high yields for soybeans and peanuts held up.

dinner diva leanne ely

Dinner Diva: Four New Year’s Re-Solutions

So how can you get those goals met this year? By being realistic and being specific, that’s how. Here’s a quick four-step way to do it.

dominion energy

Dominion Energy to award $1 million in environmental education, stewardship grants

Dominion Energy will once again provide $1 million in environmental grants this year through the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation.


Virginia companies increase international sales through Commonwealth’s premier exporting program

Governor Ralph Northam announced that 13 companies from across the Commonwealth have graduated from the Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) Program, touting impressive results as they successfully exported products and services overseas.


Northern Virginia selected as one of 20 contenders for Amazon headquarters

Amazon has selected Northern Virginia as a candidate for its second North American headquarters. Virginia submitted three comprehensive regional proposals for the $5 billion project for Greater Richmond, Hampton Roads, and Northern Virginia.


Five reasons for travelling to Scotland at least once in your life

Why travel to Scotland? The reasons are countless: perhaps because you saw one of its castles, maybe you love its culture, maybe you want to wander through the narrow streets of Edinburgh or explore remote paths between lakes and mountains.

writing essay

Write a comment on a literary work

If you get a text to analyze on site, such as a poem, start by reading it several times. Then go on to look for and delete important things in the text. Be sure to customize the items that you are looking for the task.


Trying to hire the right cleaning service? Be sure to consider these four tips

If you are like most people, keeping your home in good shape is something you are quite passionate about. While most homeowners have the best intentions when it comes to keeping their home clean, they will usually lack the time to get this work done.


Study shows fiscal health of Virginia hospital industry

A new study issued by the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy shows that the overall finances of Virginia hospitals have substantially improved between the numbers published in 2016 and those in December 2017. 


Top 5 tips for the best press releases: Get to the top with Google in 2018

Wondering how to get the most out of the press releases from your company? It’s time to consider these next tips that could be used by your marketing teams or PRs.