Three tips for businesses wanting to thrive in 2018 and beyond

Today’s competitive market means businesses not only have to be good at what they do, they also have to be skilled marketers. It’s a necessity in a world where the first true “digital natives” are coming of age.

mental health healthy

Top motivational tips to help you stay healthy and happy

Sometimes it can be challenging to keep on track with healthy eating and good habits especially with the amount of temptation at every corner.

mobile app development

Mobile app development: From idea to result

What does it really take to create a simple mobile application? What is the process the developers and customers go through when they’re working on mobile projects?


Protect your privacy with VPN services

There are all sorts of reasons why we go online these days, from carrying out research and work through to enjoying entertainment, purchasing products and services, socializing with friends, and more.

home repairs

Guide on how to start a home renovating business

Thinking of starting a home renovating business? No matter the state of the market, renovation continues to be a lucrative option for entrepreneurs.


How does your office appearance affect your business?

Employee productivity is affected by the complete office or workplace atmosphere. This includes appearance and comfortability as well as behavior.

sheet metal

How to shop for used sheet metal equipment

If you own a smaller machine shop, and you’re looking to expand your business operations, moving into the sheet metal industry is often a good move.


The 5 characteristics of successful ghostwriters

We don’t spend that much time thinking about ghostwriting. But, here’s the thing: that autobiography you’ve loved so much may have been written by a ghostwriter and not your favorite actor/entrepreneur/YouTube celebrity.


Myth-busting the ‘Bad Asian Driver’ myth: Car insurance rates don’t lie

Over the decades, car insurance companies have compiled mountains of data and conducted several actuarial studies about U.S. drivers in order to find areas where they can mitigate costs and maximize profits while also finding that balance in providing value to policyholders.

sleep deprivation

News for insomniacs: Technologies that show promise in battling the sleep deprivation epidemic

We have already reported on the topic of sleep deprivation and the epidemic of sleep-related problems that’s been on a rampage across the nation over the last decade or so.

windows Edmonton

Three ways how replacing windows Edmonton help reduce your utility bills

Carrying out windows Edmonton replacements can reduce the amount of money you spend on heating and cooling your home. Replacing windows in your Edmonton home enables you to enjoy so many benefits that you imagined.


The importance of ADA signs, and why every workplace should have them

ADA and safety signs not only make your space accessible but also safe for everyone. Apart from being a legal requirement for every business, these signs are very important to your visitors.


How to stay financially afloat after a terrible accident

Being in an accident is horrible, no matter the cause or the damage. You have to deal with physical wounds, mental wounds, and an untold amount of stress.


Changing course: Does the online event ticketing industry need a new direction?

As has happened with so many other business sectors, the e-commerce revolution has led to a major shift in how people purchase tickets for their favorite live events.

medical breakthroughs

Best medical research tools of 2018

The year 2017 saw a good number of life-changing medical breakthroughs in the areas of cancer, depression and heart disease among others.


How to get loyalty and respect from your customers

Quite simply, your relationship with your customers is vital to your success and your long-term growth. Some companies don’t always treat their customers as well as they should, and unfortunately, this can result in loss of customers and lack of brand loyalty.


Preparing for important exams

Whether you are a university student, you are taking night classes, or you are studying online, at some point you are going to have to take important exams that could make or break your future career.


The 4 hidden benefits of adding immigrants and expats to your business’ team

Hiring is never as easy as it seems on the surface, is it? After all, candidates come from all walks of life in terms of their experience and backgrounds. You never know who’s going to walk through the proverbial door.


3 advantages of structural steel frame construction

While you may be thinking that steel is only used for skyscrapers and extremely large agricultural buildings, this is not the case and it can be used for a wide range of buildings from garages to even using steel frames from start to finish.

Spin bikes

Types of spin bikes

Spin bikes are one of the most popular types of machines that are purchased for a home gym and, as such, there are hundreds of different models available in the market.

europe travel

Planning a Paris trip: Enjoy the benefits of hiring Paris airport transfers

So are you planning to visit Paris for the first time?  Many movies have been made about the beauty and charm of Paris.

cyber security

Training your workforce about cyber security

Whatever the size of your business, one thing you have to remember is that you are always at risk of cyber security attacks. This type of criminal activity has only increase over the years, with many businesses, both big and small, having fallen victim to hacks.


How to make your Grand Prix weekend unforgettable

Montreal, Quebec hosts one of the world’s most thrilling Canada Grand Prix circuits (also Formula 1 Grand Prix Heineken du Canada). But there is more you can do in Montreal than dedicating all your time to the Formula 1 race.

car values

How do car values hold up in North Carolina?

It seems like the minute you drive your newly purchased vehicle off the lot, the value of that vehicle drops dramatically and you’re in the hole. While most of this may just be due to dealership mark-up, it’s still important for vehicle owners to understand the resale value of their vehicle.

inflatable kayaks

Row the best for the thrill

Who does not love the sea voyage? Everyone does! These days, people are just busy finding for some scope to have an enjoyment far away from the boredom.