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snow travel

How to stay safe on icy roads

To avoid a dangerous scenario, it’s best that you know a few things before you hit the road this winter.

cleaning computer

6 office spring cleaning ideas that work

As with any space, your office tends to get dusty and dirty, with all the germs that people track in when they enter the workplace. Doing a bit of office cleaning gets rid of allergens, especially as spring comes around.


Learn how your business can truly go green

One way to ensure your business stays on track with respect to sustainability is to recycle your commercial waste paper and cardboard.

home construction

6 tips for finding the right home builders in Virginia

You need to be quite careful when making this choice since you want the work to be done perfectly, and that’s why you shouldn’t rush into anything.


Prioritizing the planet: How can businesses in Augusta County enhance their green credentials?

Becoming more eco-friendly is good for the planet and your business. It can reduce costs and 90% of customers will switch brands if it means supporting an environmentally friendly business. 

bedroom suite furniture

How to make sure your bedroom suite will fit

Whether you are trying to fit your existing bedroom furniture into a new room or furnishing one for the first time, follow these steps to make sure your furniture fits in the arrangement you designed.

declutter home

How to improve your property’s screen appeal

So how do you make your property shine on-screen? Here are a few ways to improve your home’s screen appeal.

fitness blogger

The ultimate guide to Instagram marketing for fitness profession

This article will outline some tips for marketing your fitness business on Instagram.


The eco-friendly way to save money: Recycling and reusing furniture

Kwiksweep covers the topic of how you can save money by recycling, reusing and repurposing furniture in your home, as well as what you can do if you need to remove the furniture.

christmas cookies

How to survive the holiday season and stay in shape

Follow these tips to make the holiday season a happy one for you and your health.


Find unique gifts for dachshund owners

The market abounds with plenty of gifts for dog lovers, but did you know that Dachshund owners have the coolest options? From bumper stickers to floor pillows, to garden flags – the list never ends.


Two trends that are taking Virginia by storm

In this article, we will be telling you about two trends that are taking Virginia by storm, as well as diving into why the aforementioned trends have managed to become so popular.

christmas cookies

Inexpensive things you can do to prepare for the approaching Christmas season

Within our article today, discover the different inexpensive activities you can get involved with, to bring the festive season to your own door.

farm corn

Tech powers the Shenandoah Valley agricultural manufacturing renaissance

National manufacturing is on the up as consumers look to buy local. This has led to local businesses, like CAVA, opening up new packaging plants – including in the Shenandoah Valley.

parking at the airport

Companies raise health insurance prices for unvaccinated workers as U.S. opens borders

There may be consequences, however, since companies are looking at options to make it more expensive to forego the vaccine.

child learning

Tips for parents to homeschool their children

If you, like so many other parents, are wondering how to homeschool your child, here are some straightforward tips that you can look at.

prop betting

More national sportsbooks coming to Virginia

A brand new national online sportsbook is coming to Virginia. Reports emerged last week that PointsBet would be joining the nine other legal betting sites in the Old Dominion.


Virginia’s expanding healthcare system may result in a shortage of nurses

By 2030, predictions are that there will be around 22,700 extra nursing jobs available in Virginia. Nationally, 1.1 million nurses will be needed across the country.

mental health

A guide to developing a career in mental health

Mental health professionals work to support people living with mental illness as well as their families and careers. They help to promote recovery and prevent relapse.

tap water

7 wellness tips for a happier life

Everybody wants to live a happier life – and one of the best ways to do this is by following these 7 wellness tips.

solar panels

Solar energy use is thriving in Shenandoah Valley homes

When it comes to the pursuit of solar energy, Virginia shines bright. The state ranked 5th nationwide for new solar installations this year. This is thanks to a slew of ambitious projects aiming to supercharge renewable energy production.

project planning

5 productivity apps your business won’t be able to function without 

Here are 5 productivity apps that will make you feel like you have more than 24 hours in the day.

augusta county

Property prices continue to rise in Augusta County

The average price of a home in Augusta County is up by 6% compared to a year ago. So just what is the current state of Augusta County’s property market and what does the future hold?