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Brands like Footlocker, Zappos and show similar seasonal trends

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    Retail Footwear digital sales have increased by over 27% in 2020, reaching over $ USD 121 billion.

  • Online apparel and footwear sales revenue is expected to either remain the same or mildly proliferate during 2021- with a market rebound of roughly 7%.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a surge in online spending, boosting industry revenue

The Online Retail Footwear industry is projected to continue to show a prolific number of  sales over the next five years- with online purchases slowly replacing the conventional in-store retail sales. During the aforementioned period, industry revenue is expected to significantly proliferate at a rate of over 9% annually.

According to the relative data, the economically declined post-COVID-19 economy has significantly impacted consumers’ propensity to spend on discretionary items- particularly during the initial part of the pandemic. Regardless, however, the online shoe retailer industry’s leading online retailers- including Carlomaderno, Zappos and Footlocker, are expected to significantly benefit as a result of certain ‘behavioral changes’ that consumers have consequently adopted as a result of the unprecedented peak of the COVID-19 pandemic- including the proliferation of online purchases.

This article will take a quick look at the specific ways in which the pandemic has affected the online footwear industry, examining the industry’s leading figures, favorable brands, and projected growth in the process.


Carlomaderno is an eminent online shoe retailer website that provides a plethora of exclusive lifestyle and fashion choices at extremely mesmouring prices. It is best known for enabling its customers to purchase an extremely large variety of top-selling brands at a very low cost, as well as for its unparalleled customer service and corporate ethos.

For example, Carlomaderno was recently the recipient of a significant amount of attention as a result of their prolific sneaker library which enables them to cater to an unrivalled number of customers around the world. Such sneakers include the new releases of both Adidas and Nike- including the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Volt Gold’ and the ‘Infinity Run 2’. (Additional Nike options provided by the eminent retailer include their much awaited summer footwear collection for women.)

Moreover, the site provides ample options from the shoe retail colossal Adidas- including the unique UltraBoost collection, the Adidas Stan Smith, the Adidas Gazelle, the Adidas NMD, and the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2.

Adidas is also known for its philanthropic approach in relation to the environment- providing world renowned sneakers created exclusively from recycled ocean plastic. Obviously, these shoes are not available to every customer that may wish to purchase them, but they serve as an unequivocal example of Adidas’ commitment to finding innovative solutions so as to terminate the increased exacerbation of our global environment.

Furthermore, their 3-D printed soles and one piece leather uppers provide an ‘unrivalled level of comfort’, as they are specifically tailored to customers’ unique feet- once again representing the brand’s unique approach to R&D, Innovation and Robust Customer Utility.

Overall, is a great outlet for persons who are either: a) looking to find newly released and/or rare footwear items which may be out of stock in other online retail platforms, or b) interested in browsing a significantly large collection of ranging footwear without having made up their minds yet.


Foot Locker operates via a portfolio of different company brands including: Lady Foot Locker, Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Eastbay, Champs Sports, and Footaction.

Even though the company’s official headquarters are in New York City, U.S.A,  Footlocker operates in over 3000 retail stores in over 25 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and New Zealand, as well as through a plethora of country-tailored online websites and specialized mobile applications. Their aforementioned purpose is to ‘inspire and empower’ the world’s youth culture via an exploration of persons’ shared passion for individualism and social cohesion.

The footwear retailer’s website provides a broad range of options- including Vans, Nike and Puma, and consequently additionally are able to cater to a prolific number of individuals around the world in a variety of prices and brands.

Most recently, Footlocker has announced their newly-formed partnership with Nike so as to create a limited edition ‘City of the World’ Air Max sneaker category- celebrating the brand’s profound impact on global fashion trends and footwear.


Established in early 1999, Zappos quickly became an industry-leading online footwear provider- a reflection of the corporation’s robust company culture and corporate structure.

Zappos provides a range of footwear items- including boots, sneakers, sandals and heels, at great prices. Additionally, as the brand is owned by e-commerce colossal Amazon, they provide a plethora of added benefits on their website- including free upgraded shipping as a result of having a prime membership, 5% cashback on sales and a ‘Zappos VIP’ option.

Most recently, Zappos has additionally partnered up with Tina Bagon (owner of Little Piggie Kids Shoehorns)- who sells shoe retailer products which are tailor-made for both: the kids and adults with special needs.

Overall, it is easy to see why Zappos has grown into the eminent footwear retailer that it is today; its unrivalled customer satisfaction rates in conjunction with the astonishingly broad range of items available on their website undoubtedly elect it as one of the most customer-friendly online shoe retailers on the market today.

A final take: Avoiding scams and refund policies

It is vitally important for online buyers to take an adequate amount of time read-up on the ample number of ways they can safeguard themselves against online scams when purchasing items online.

Briefly put, in order to ensure one avoids all fraudulent activity online whilst making a purchase, they must always take the time to: a) check the reviews of a website before making a purchase, b) use a secure payment method such as Paypal- which offers an unrivalled buyer protection method and ensures reimbursements in cases of missed items or seller fraud, and c) research the website’s privacy policy and general layout.

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