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Bramante Homes: Focus on design

Mark Brement loves building homes. If there’s one thing he loves more, it’s getting his hands into designing a new home.

Things have come a long way from the days when he’d be hunched over his desk with a T-square, triangles and pencils.

“Now you can’t seem to design a house without a computer. A pencil doesn’t seem to fit my hand anymore,” Brement said.

Design isn’t a solitary pursuit. “When I design a house for somebody, I sit and talk with them. I listen to everything that they say. I remember what they say,” Brement said.

When he finally sits down to draw the plan, he’s thinking about how the homeowner is going to use their home – tapping as well into his own personal experience of how he uses a home, and where the conveniences should be, and how everything should flow.

“That’s how I design a house. I don’t design a house because this is what’s supposedly popular at the time. I’m designing around lifestyle,” Brement said.

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