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Boxing gym in Sandy, Utah: Why is boxing the best workout?

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Nowadays we are all short on time, and making time for a fitness routine, while extremely important, often gets pushed aside.  We think it will take too long, won’t produce results, and won’t be any fun.  Thankfully, there is a solution.  Fitness boxing is a total body workout delivered in a class atmosphere that typically lasts about an hour.  Finding a boxing gym in Sandy, Utah where members are challenged to hit their fitness goals in a fun and supportive atmosphere is entirely possible and delivers a sense of community along with every punch.  But what makes boxing the best workout?  Here are four reasons we think boxing is the best workout around.

  1. Boxing is a total body workout. If you’re concerned that you’ll be spending countless hours in the gym attempting to tone and tighten each individual muscle group, you needn’t worry.  Fitness boxing is a total body workout.  Literally no muscle group goes unworked.  It’s obvious your arms and shoulders are going to get a great workout from throwing punches, but did you know that the push/pull movement of delivering punches works your chest and back as well?  Additionally, your midline will get stronger as you rotate and contract your core muscles to generate power for your punches and kicks.  Your legs and glutes will also get a great workout from kicking, lunging, and squatting.  No muscle group is left untouched in a fitness boxing class.
  2. Boxing provides a sense of community. Many people find that it’s easier to hit their fitness goals by participating in a class atmosphere.  The fitness boxing community is a tightly knit family of people with similar goals and varying backgrounds.  A boxing gym in Sandy, Utah will be filled with members from all different walks of life there for one purpose:  to get better!  Whether there to improve overall fitness, learn a new sport, elevate and support mental health and anxiety issues, or just have fun, members of the fitness boxing community are devoted to putting their health in a place of importance in their lives.
  3. Boxing burns fat fast.  Because boxing for fitness utilizes high-intensity interval training (HIIT), you’ll experience a rapid fat burn unlike you would with other forms of static cardiovascular exercise such as running or cycling.  HIIT training involves short periods of hard, intense work, followed by brief periods of recovery.  Research has shown this type of cardiovascular workout is more beneficial and burns fat faster than static cardio and is better for your heart and lungs.
  4. Boxing is fun. Many members boxing gyms have said they don’t even realize they’re working out because they’re too distracted by the fun they’re having.  Where else can you go and punch things as hard as you can without getting into some serious trouble?  Learning basic boxing moves is empowering and relieves stress and anxiety.  This translates to feeling better inside and outside the gym.  Additionally, boxing is great for any level of fitness.  So if you’re new or experienced, there’s a boxing workout for you.  Age isn’t an issue either; from the very young to the more advanced in years, everyone can get a great workout and have fun in a boxing class.  Fitness boxing enthusiasts agree it’s hard to have a bad day when you’ve got a solid workout with your friends.

Boxing is arguably the best workout available in terms of total body engagement and development, time management, and pure fun.  Perfect for any age and stage of life, boxing is empowering and a great stress reliever.  If you’re looking for the most bang for your workout buck, boxing for fitness is the right choice.