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Item by Chris Graham

– Coppola: A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq
– Wintering into Wisdom
– Energy Restructure: Set Yourself Free Using the 9 Layers of the Emotional Body

Coppola: A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq The first case that pediatric surgeon Christopher Coppola, a guest on the March 4 AFP Show, saw on his first tour of Iraq involved a 2-year-old that had been shot in the head.

Welcome to the war zone, right?

“Whenvever you’re caring for an ill child or an injured child, as you can imagine, for the parents of that child, it’s a very stressful situation, whether it’s in the suburban U.S. or in a war zone. That doesn’t change, from home to war zone,” said Coppola, who wrote a book about his experiences in the war zone, Coppolla: A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq.

The child survived, incidentally. “We were very fortunate,” said Coppola, who attributes the successful surgery to the work of medics to get the child to the hospital and to the work of a neurosurgeon on staff.


Wintering into Wisdom Golf serves as the backdrop for retired oncologist Ernie Marshall’s Wintering into Wisdom, but the novel “isn’t a traditional golf novel,” Marshall said on the March 1 AFP Show.

“They are passionate about golf,” Marshall said of his protagonists, who we see in Wintering into Wisdom moving through life via the time they spend on the golf course. “The golf is more to them than a sport. It’s a chance to have about four to four and a half hours away from the hospital and beepers to talk about intellectual things. And that is a source of a fair amount of humor as well as serious work within the storyline.”


Energy Restructure: Set Yourself Free Using the 9 Layers of the Emotional Body That’s what Jolly Stickley, a guest on the Feb. 25 AFP Show, is all about. Her book Energy Restructure: Set Yourself Free Using the 9 Layers of the Emotional Body, is focused on helping people “live their dream.”

“I just think it’s so important. I think everybody is born with a dream. We’re born with a purpose. And it gives me great pleasure to see people live that dream,” said Stickley, whose book helps people connect with the dream in their heart by focusing them on self-nurturing, keeping focused and walking in the truth of who they are.

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