Book signing in Downtown Staunton on Saturday

Nathan Everett, author of The Gutenberg Rubric, will appear at a book signing on Saturday, Sept. 17, 11 a.m., at Bookworks in Staunton.

The Gutenberg Rubric is a literary thriller that follows unlikely heroes across two continents in a race against time, terrorists, and Homeland Security.  Rare book specialists Madeline Zayne and Keith Drucker discover clues that lead to the great secret that Johannes Gutenberg protected, but can they solve the mystery before any other libraries – or innocent bystanders – are endangered?

Clearly, someone very powerful is obsessed with gaining global control of the news media and manipulating the vast flow of information, electronic and printed.  The discovery of Gutenberg’s ancient secret could forever alter humanity’s understanding of religion, politics, and life itself.

About the Author:  Nathan Everett has been involved in the publishing industry for thirty years as a writer, author, designer, publisher, trainer and technologist.  He founded publishing company Long Tale Press as an experiment in electronic publishing powered by social media, and holds patents in electronic page design and typography.  He writes a regular column “Publish or Perish” for Line Zero magazine, and lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and daughter plus a pair of rescued greyhounds.  His 3rd novel, The Gutenberg Rubric won a 2010 award in the Pacific Northwest Writers Assoc. Literary Competition.

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