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Bob Goodlatte: Let your voice be heard

Column by Bob Goodlatte

Today, the American people are facing one of the most challenging times in our nation’s history. Our economy remains sluggish, people fear losing their jobs and their homes, and many are worried about the future their children and grandchildren will inherit. They are deeply concerned about the outlook for our great country and wonder if their children will grow up in the same America they did. People are looking for solutions to the problems we face.

The Majority in Congress has responded to the outcry of concern by the American people by raising taxes, increasing federal spending at an unsustainable pace, allowing our national debt to spiral out of control, and passing legislation that gives the federal government more control of our daily lives. They have spent trillions on bailouts and stimulus packages to help grow our economy, but all it has done is increase our debt and the size of the federal bureaucracy while leaving our nation’s unemployment rate hovering around ten percent.

The American people have lost trust and confidence in their elected representatives and the time is now for a renewed commitment to the people. From town hall meetings in communities across the country to rallies on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, the American people have stated clearly that they oppose the policies that Congress has forced on us.

Republicans understand that the American people are demanding real solutions with real results. Last week House Republicans launched a new online forum,, where folks from all over our nation can log-on and share their thoughts and suggestions for the future of our country. is a fully interactive, one of a kind website that allows you to talk about your own ideas while also commenting on the ideas of others. This new site represents the start of a national dialogue that aims to bring the halls of Congress into American homes.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will gather the comments, suggestions and priorities submitted on the site and build an agenda that reflects the priorities of the American people. Hundreds of thousands of Americans from all over our country have already logged on to share their thoughts since we launched the site just a few days ago. If we in Congress work hand in hand with the American people we can change the way business is done in Washington by enacting commonsense legislation.

I understand the serious problems our nation faces. Ten percent unemployment is unacceptable. A national debt spiraling out of control is unacceptable. Runaway spending and the failure to even pass a budget is unacceptable. The American people are demanding accountability and results and that is what House Republicans are offering. Please take the time to visit and let your voice be heard.