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Bob Goodlatte holds hearing on executive overreach

Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, presided over a hearing of the committee on Wednesday examining what he termed in an email to constituents “legislative approaches to addressing President Obama’s failure to faithfully execute our laws.”

“This hearing builds on the Committee’s examination of this issue last December, where we heard from legal scholars regarding the constitutional concerns raised by President Obama’s pattern of refusing to enforce our laws,” Goodlatte said in the email.

Obama, according to Goodlatte, has failed on several occasions to enforce Acts of Congress that he disagrees with and has also stretched his regulatory authority to put in place  policies Congress has refused to enact.

“For example, now that Obamacare isn’t working, President Obama is rewriting his own law on a whim, even though the law doesn’t give him the authority to do so. President Obama boldly asserts that he has a ‘pen and a phone’ to change our laws through executive decrees, but we have a Constitution and we must abide by it.  President Obama’s decision to ignore the constitutional limits on his authority undermines the rule of law and threatens the individual liberty that our system of separated powers is designed to protect,” Goodlatte said.

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