Blogcast w/Chris Graham: Trump joins partisans attacking the victim

President Trump, lauded as recently as this morning for showing restraint, simply for refraining from what people assumed would be attacks from him on Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of an attempted sexual assault when the two were in high school, has, as expected, regressed to the mean.

Hey, at least we know he got his phone back from whoever had kept it from him the past few days.

You’d think that someone who has been accused of sexual misconduct numerous times himself would refrain from jumping into this briar patch, but, no, that’s not Donald J. Trump.

So, women who don’t report sexual assaults immediately must not have been assaulted. Maybe, just maybe, they followed the advice from that old Bobby Knight observation, that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.

Maybe that applies to all the kids assaulted by Catholic priests years ago, too.

They didn’t report it back then, either. Must not have happened.

Has nothing to do with how sexual assaults were treated back in the day. Actually, they’re still treated that way, and if you have any question about that, re-read the tweet from our president, leader of the free world, who cannot imagine what it is like to be victimized, to feel utterly powerless to be able to protect yourself, to feel like what has happened to you is the result of a personal failing, to feel shame for something that was perpetrated upon you, to carry that undeserved shame for decades.

Lucky guy. I wish I was so lucky.

That’s all I can bring myself to say about my own experience with abuse, but I will say, I know firsthand that it takes a lot to be able to even say the words out loud, much less put them out there literally for the world to see, to pick apart, to use to cast aspersions.

To the president, this is yet another game of own the libs, so napalming a sexual-assault survivor is just what you do to get your way, not dissimilar to patronizing Bill Clinton’s victims or paying hush money to porn stars to buy their silence.

There is no longer any sense that this man can’t possibly go any lower than whatever latest dirty trick would seem to indicate. The one thing he will not disappoint us with is his ability to plunge to even greater depths, usually within a couple of hours.

It is hard to believe that America has let itself come to this.

Column by Chris Graham

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