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Blogcast w/Chris Graham: Curious rush to judgment on Kavanaugh

democrats republicansRepublicans surely could have found any of a number of judges ready, willing and chomping at the bit to overturn Roe v. Wade, so why this insistence on Brett Kavanaugh?

And no, it has nothing to do with the midterm elections being a sort of Sword of Damocles, the tick-tock to Election Day, and what looks to be a disaster in the making for the GOP.

Let’s assume the Kavanaugh nomination were to be pulled off the table, for giggles. Name another candidate next week, and it will take a couple of months to do the background check, the Senate interviews and the rest.

We’re in mid-December. The current Congress is seated until early January. As long as your next candidate is squeaky clean personally, you can get him or her confirmed before the stroke of metaphorical midnight.

The current rush to judgment has nothing to do with the optics of nominating and confirming a judge after losing an election. Senate Republicans couldn’t care less about optics. We’re talking about a group that held up a Supreme Court nomination for an entire year in defiance of Barack Obama, Merrick Garland and the Constitution.

That lack of concern for optics is, obviously, also lacking with respect to Kavanaugh. You wouldn’t hire a guy with multiple accusations of sexual assault hanging over his head to clean toilets at a truck stop part-time, much less give him a lifetime federal appointment, but whatever, because that’s what they’re going to do.

But, why?

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