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Bitcoin hotspot: 10 cities to know about

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It is an indisputable fact that Bitcoin is a well-known cryptocurrency. Merchants, venues, numerous people, and businesses are accepting this digital currency payment. Pay for dinner or the yoga session you attended at Monkey Yoga; they will accept the cryptocurrency payments.

Measuring Bitcoin Adoption

Three metrics are to be looked for, compiling this list. Bitcoin is accepted by how many merchants in the City, Bitcoin ATMs availability, and its number concerning Bitcoin activity what is the population size. Coinmap was looked upon for the merchant data. Coinmap is a too; for collaboration that is used to list and for finding business locations which accept Bitcoins. Coin ATM Radar was also looked upon. It shows the Bitcoin locations and ATM’s for other cryptocurrencies around the world.

Early 2020: 10 leading cities

San Francisco Coinbase & Kraken, San Francisco, it is home for such trading platforms related to cryptocurrency. Bitcoin here is supported by merchants near around two dozen that include a bakery, two bars, and nine restaurants. Nineteen places are there for buying Bitcoins from the ATM, too, and these figures seem to be perfect based upon what the size of the small population (880,000) of San Francisco is.

Vancouver In Canada, a strong hold is maintained by Bitcoin as a community, and some regulatory steps have also been taken for virtual currency embracing. For the ones unaware, QuadrigaCX, has its home in Vancouver and this cryptocurrency exchange lost client funds worth C$180 million after its founder alleged death.

At Vancouver, the merchant number is greater than 2 dozen Bitcoin users and the residents can easily purchase Bitcoin at around 40 ATMs available in the city of 631,000 residents. In fact, Vancouver was first in the world, where the operation of the ATM for Bitcoin began at Waves Coffee House, downtown Vancouver in 2003, October 29th.

Amsterdam BitPay, a payment service provider, Amsterdam has the European headquarters of it. The place is also a home for Bitfury, the one maker of the mining related hardware. In this capital city, the merchants accepting Bitcoin have exceeded 30. The list includes bike rental service providers, ring shop (antique), and even a barber.

Amsterdam is home for 840000 residents, and the ATM’s count, it is around dozen. The merchants in Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, they too to accept cryptocurrency.

Ljubljana, Slovenia Ljubljana, the largest city in Slovenia. It is the Slovenia’s capital, and is our list smallest. The city is home for 289000 population, and it was the Slovenians, who founded Bitstamp, one Bitcoin exchange which was prominent. It was later that this exchange was able to successfully set up operation in London and then too Luxembourg. Either way, Ljubljana has around 200 merchants accepting Bitcoins and 4 Bitcoin ATMs for serving the people.

Tel Aviv For a startup, this city is a leading one in the world and is Israel’s financial center. One can easily find merchants (a dozen) and ATMs for Bitcoin (2) who accept Bitcoin in Tel Aviv, where resides 451000 population. With 3800 members, the meetup group for Bitcoin in Israel is an active one all around.

Zurich This place is Switzerland’s, largest city. It is the financial center which leads with bitcoin accepting businesses (2 dozen) & ATMs (10) to ensure that the 428000 population can be served.

Tampa, Florida Here in Tampa, we can find merchants (4 dozen) accepting Bitcoins. There are Bitcoin ATMs, in number 45 surprisingly, in the city of 392000 residence.

Buenos Aires The place has more than a hundred merchants with Bitcoin ATMs in numbers, 11. Buenos Aires is a city with people accounting 2.9 million in total residing. To date, Bitcoin has received here in the country of Argentina, which is known for currency repeatition and the debt crisis, a welcome.

New York This place serves people around 8.4 million. It is a financial and tech hub. There are merchants (3 dozens, 5 boroughs) here at New York and 14 ATMs. The place is home for, Gemini exchange. It was founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the twins.

London The place is home for residents in million, 8.9 in total and is the capital of the United Kingdom. Serving the population, the Bitcoin ATMs have crossed the mark of 130 in availability, with around 50 merchants accepting Bitcoin. Bitcoin Revolution is a well-known startup that is London based and is the Bitcoin exchange, you can discover more here. In London, one can also find the meetup groups for the Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies.

Well-known runner-ups

Cyprus & Malta and many other countries which are experiencing uncertainty economically (Venezuela, Zimbabwe), are some of the other regions that have started accepting Bitcoin.

What’s the bottom line?

It was in the year 2009 when the Bitcoin was first mined. Since then, substantial movements have been made by Bitcoin, and the rate at which it is being adopted is quite impressive and shows that this getting viral currency will stay longer than we expected. It is surprising to see, too, that it is not just the financial centers (international level) that adopted this currency, but it is also the small towns that are coming up.

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