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Bitcoin can solve global economic problems

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Bitcoin has proven to be a safe haven asset so far, it has met the demand for savings and freed people from the problems associated with traditional safe-haven assets.

For many years, the value of the currency was measured by the times a unit of currency was spent, with the increase in demand, the supply was reduced and it was called the shortage of safe assets. There are many factors behind this. Such as the lack of trust in governments, wars, and other natural disasters such as Covid pandemics and plagues.

In simple terms, a shortage of safe assets means more demand and less production. As a result, the demand for these assets increases, and the rates become higher, while when the demand for these assets decreases, the value of these assets also decreases, making these assets not good for savings.

There is no government asset or currency that can satisfy more than Bitcoin, there are many factors that make it a very safe-haven asset. Bitcoin has replaced fiat currencies because it has all the properties of a safe asset. The bitqh is one of the best apps to learn about Bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin has a simple monetary policy and a fixed supply, which helps make Bitcoin a better currency and performs better. Volatility will stabilize when bitcoin reaches maturity and it will exceed $ 20 trillion units. There will be daily sales and purchases of billions of dollars that will prevent the price from going up or down.

Being a safe asset, under these conditions, bitcoin could be close to a nominal GDP rate that could be 4 to 6 percent per year. The new supply of bitcoins will barely increase even after several halving cycles of bitcoin mining subsidies. It might not be good for day traders, but it might be great for people looking for a safe asset.

How would bitcoin solve these problems?

Bitcoin can effectively absorb a large part of the demand for long-term savings while using fiat currency for everyday use. It could function as a duopoly currency.

The basic key is that the international and global economy will no longer depend on assets produced by governments. Because bitcoin works very differently from traditional currencies and traditional assets. Bitcoin is not based on debt, so it is not dependent on interest rates.

An increase in demand for bitcoin causes a rise in the price of digital gold.

It does not mean that traditional currencies disappear and government institutions do not issue the debt. both will persist. But the price will be stable and will not be controlled by any person, country, or organization.

The characteristics of Bitcoin make it ideal for long-term savings. Some people say that a day’s bitcoin will be used ubiquitously for spending. And claim that the double currency theory is not applicable. But now you can see currency duopolies everywhere, in almost every part of the world.

In many developing countries, people are eager to save their money in US dollars while spending their local fiat currencies for everyday use. They did not trust their government institutes to save their money. Therefore, there is no reason why bitcoin cannot replace the US dollar in this role worldwide.

Bitcoin will replace debt and fiat money, central banks and monetary institutes must produce fewer fiat currencies to meet the demand for liquid savings. And the problem of falling financial momentum can be solved.

By accelerating the speed of money, people spend in a different currency than the one they saved. What makes incomes grow, will stabilize the labor market and increase the productivity of companies. They will invest in new products and services that will reduce unemployment. The investment will increase when the virtuous circle of money is restored, prosperity will spread globally.

Although, it seems like it will take a long time to turn this dream into reality. But as we can see that the seeds are being planted today, many organizations and individuals small and large have chosen Bitcoin over their fiat assets, it will not end here and this trend will continue.

Bitcoin has started its journey from less than a dollar and has now crossed $ 60,000, in just 10 years. Over the past year, BTC has not only stabilized its value but has also gained the trust of the world.


Story by Affan Hashmi. Total convert to crypto and blockchain. As a content writer, he researches and writes about various projects in the cryptoverse.

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