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Bishop Roan Faulkner continues his charity drives for his community

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Bishop Roan Faulkner, 63, was born in Jamaica and ordained as a priest in 1996. He has spent 44 years of his life working for the betterment of people and driving charities to help anyone in need. He is a bishop at the New Life Pentecostal Ministries an establishment that took its foundations in early 1993. Roan has been serving the church as a compelling, persuasive, preacher, mentor, and church bishop.

He’s an energetic, admired, and respected bishop of his community. He spends most of his time for the betterment of the ministry.  Thousands of people in the neighborhood take benefit of the bishop who thinks of himself as the God servant who has to preach the word of God.  He urges people to find a path of righteousness and to seek a deeper connection with God.  He teaches the people of his community to endeavor for higher ground in Christ and in bringing the teachings of Christ in their daily lives.  He has been faithfully serving the local church for many years. He is actively busy in promoting the message of God and encouraging people to lead a life as set by the example of Christ.

Strong Inclination to Charity

Bishop Roan Faulkner has always been a strong advocate to charity and to assist the ones who are less fortunate. He has been the active lead behind many charitable events throughout the community where the neighborhood gathered and collected funds to help others.

The Bishop feels that a community can only thrive and grow if everyone has the power to live and lead a healthy life. Less fortunate people should not suffer in silence, and it is for the community to come together and help their people to lead a fulfilling life. Charity begins from home, and Roan is an active contributor to many charities in his society. He is a compassionate soul who connects with people and can relate to the sorrows of others. He advises young children, adults, and the elderly to make sure they have a set portion set aside that they can manage and then give it to charity.

The reason the Bishop can relate to other people is that he is a family man who is happily married. He is a proud parent of three children and two grandchildren.

He spends his time with his family in a life that is free from the woes of financial burdens. He wants the same blessing for every family in his community. He knows that charity is the only way to shift the balance of wealth from the rich to those who are in need. His strive is to make people realize the power of charity and how it can set up his community as one of the most thriving towns for years to come. People in the neighborhood have taken to the advice of Bishop Roan Faulkner and are active participants in the Church’s charity drive and donation events.

Roan Faulkner is always thankful for the love of his community and the abundant blessing he has in his life. He is appreciative of the quality Christian up-bringing he got in his life and urges parents to follow the same learning for their children. He preaches to the community to show tolerance, participate in charity, and teach the children ways to help those who are in need.

Having served his local church for many years, Bishop Roan Faulkner has won the admiration and accolades of his community. Every day many people reach out to Roan for direction and guidance to better their lives and how they can contribute better for charity and accommodating others.

Stephen Jacobson is a freelance writer from Miami, Fla.  He’s been writing for clients in a wide variety of niches since 2012. 

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