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The world is shifting towards a trend of healthier living. For one, there are plenty of fitness influencers out there who do their best to project an image of robust health to a large following of people who are motivated and ready to do the exact things they do. On the other hand, people want to look better because we currently live in an age where taking pictures of ourselves and posting them online regularly is the norm.

If the gym is getting a little bit too stale and you are looking for a new alternative for you to reach your health goals, consider getting a bike and hitting the road. The best thing about riding a bike as a form of exercise is that it can be used for a wide variety of different health goals. Not only can they help you with the apparent function of improving your cardiovascular health, but they can even get you more toned legs and prepare for certain types of sports. Let’s go over some of the most popular types of exercises with bikes to help you learn about the many ways you can use them to achieve the peak of your fitness.

Endurance and recovery

When people think about biking and exercise, they immediately think about aerobic exercise and cardiovascular endurance. With good reason, biking is one of the best forms of exercise that you can do to improve your heart health and blood output. When your body exerts a lot of effort, your body needs to get more oxygen, oxygen is carried throughout the different cells of your body through the blood, and the blood is pumped out by the heart. When your cells need an increased level of oxygen, your heart will have to increase blood output. This is achieved through aerobic exercise, one of the many fitness benefits you can get by riding a bike. Trek bikes, in particular, are great for this type of exercise.

Uphill training

So you probably already knew that bikes are great for aerobic training. What you probably hear less about is that bikes are also great for anaerobic exercise as well, particularly for your lower body. Whereas aerobic exercise is more geared for endurance and recovery, anaerobic exercise is more for increasing the muscle mass of a particular area of your body. When you ride your bikes uphill, not only are you getting a great aerobic workout for your heart and lungs, you are getting a phenomenal anaerobic exercise for your legs and calves as well—tired of leg day in the gym? Ride your bike up a hill instead.

High-intensity interval training

Beyond better cardio and a more defined lower body, there are, of course, the workouts you can do to lose weight. A form of exercise that is becoming more and more popular today is HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training. The idea is, instead of doing a long and grueling aerobic exercise, you do a shorter exercise that incorporates intervals of high intensity and low intensity.

This can be done on a bike, for example, when you ride at a breakneck pace for 1 minute and then slow down for 30 seconds, then repeat the entire thing five to seven times.  This is great for weight loss because your body’s increased Oxygen demand will naturally increase your metabolism even after your workout.

Hopefully, by now, you know that no matter what form of workout you enjoy, investing in a bike is an extremely wise decision. Find the right bike, and robust health and peak fitness should be right around the corner.

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