Biggest flaws in sports betting: 10 common betting strategy mistakes

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Forget all those “I arbed $100 and won $2000 in one day,” ‘I played a value bet and won millions and sent the bookie out of business” stories you see flying around the internet today, nobody is born a betting guru.

Although their stories may sound intriguing at first, if you take a closer look at how they’ve won what they claim to have won, you’d discover that many of them are using the same strategies you’ve always used – arbing, value betting, matched betting, dutching, parlay betting, etc. Nobody has invented anything new; they’ve only been doing it a bit differently from how you’ve been doing it.

And the reason why they’ve been winning, and you have been in the habit of giving your money away to the bookies, is because your own strategies are still flawed with mistakes.

So in order to turn your tables around, we’ve compiled a list of the commonest mistakes made by most regular punters. Find out which ones apply to you and make the necessary corrections and watch your sports betting world transform from meh to amazing in no time.

Placing bets within a fixed time frame

Nobody knows when the best value bet of the day will be available on the market, neither is there any expert that can tell you whether there is going to be an arbing opportunity in the next few hours.

In order to take full advantage of the best opportunities in the market, you need to bet without time restrictions. But considering that most punters have other engagements they spend their time on, it might be difficult to bet without a time restriction.

Typically, most punters would wait until the night before the week games before backing their selections. Unfortunately, by the time they decide to sit in front of their screens to make their selections, there might not be as many values or arbing opportunities as there were a few moments ago.

If your schedule doesn’t permit you to bet when you need to, you can work around your time constraints by automating your betting strategy using a bot.

Trying to recover your loss by raising your stake

Think about it, if your betting strategy was on-point before and you’ve been winning, would you need to force the profit? Of course not! But the habit of trying to recover a loss could only point to one thing – which is the fact that your strategy isn’t working.

Profitable betting is all about getting your strategy to earn you money, and not about you raising your stakes to stay on top.

If you aren’t winning as much as you’d like, move away and review the strategies you’ve been playing with; instead of trying to reduce your selections (that is, the number of risks you’re taking on) and then raising your stakes.

Backing sports you know little of

You’ve probably heard the saying that it is unwise to bet on a sport or a team or a league you know little of. But some punters still do. And when you ask them why they do, they’d have you believe that they’ve done their research and they have a clear knowledge of the teams they’re backing.

But guess what? Having a clear knowledge is never enough in sports betting. You need to know the sport or the leagues like the back of your hand.

If you’re still at the learning stage, please don’t risk your money yet. Follow the sport, know its rudiments in-and-out, analyze games, predict results with your friends, and see how you fare before you go ahead to risk real money.

Backing bets based on average statistics only

Backing games based on statistics is a wise choice in sports betting, no doubt. But did you know that sometimes statistics are not the best lead? In fact, statistics that have to do with averages are even worse, and you should avoid backing your bets based on them at all costs.

Here’s a major statistic:

Spanish La Liga teams win 44% of their home league games

Now let’s assume there’s an upcoming fixture between – Eibar and Barcelona, with Eibar hosting Barcelona at their Ipurua Municipal Stadium. Do Eibar have a 44% chance of winning against Barcelona?

No, sorry Eibar fans, we both know your team isn’t strong enough to hold a 44% winning chance against a Lionel Messi- backed Barcelona.

As we’ve seen from this statistic, backing your bets based on average data is a weak move.

Ignoring changes in value

How many times have you gone into your parlay bet to remove some selections prior to the start of the games? How many times have you opted against selecting a game because its value changed? If I’m to take an educated guess, I’d say maybe a few times, or never in some people’s case.

Value is not static, and they can change over time. But when they do – whether they go up or down – it is always because the bookies perceive a tip in the balance of the fixture. For example, prior to a game, there can be some news about injuries, team lineups, or weather glitch. Once these changes drop, many sports betting sites, including the agen bola ibet44 terbaik would adjust the value of their odds to match these changes.

As a general rule of thumb, always follow the news leading up to fixtures in your selections to see whether there are value changes.

Backing too many selections

Especially in a parlay or an accumulator bet, it is not uncommon to find punters selecting too many games, most of which they haven’t done adequate research on.

The idea is to select as many games as possible so that they can increase the number on their parlay and ultimately raise their profit potential. This is a very lame move and should be avoided at all costs. Even if your parlay wouldn’t return more than 2x your stake, it is better to win that than to add games from leagues you barely know of and raise your profit potential to 8x your stake, only to end up losing your bet because your guesswork didn’t work out.

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