Big Money impacting 2012 Virginia Senate campaign

Tim Kaine has made a noteworthy Top 10 list. The Democratic Senate nominee is #3 on a list compiled by MapLight tracking spending by super PACs.

Super PACs have spent $1.035 million on behalf of Kaine in the 2012 campaign cycle. Kaine has also been on the other side of $729,658 in negative super PAC-spending aimed at his candidacy.

Republican nominee George Allen, in contrast, shows up on the list with just $1,921 in negative super-PAC spending directly against his candidacy.

Super PACs have made more than $30 million in independent expenditures to influence House and Senate races in the 2012 election cycle, in addition to the nearly $107 million spent swaying the outcome of the race for the White House, according to MapLight.

A link to to the report can be found here:

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