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Big Mac Attack

Our occasionally libertarian friends at the News Virginian think its hyperimportant that you get a $6-a-month tax break that they’re willing to risk our children’s education and the future of our economic base to browbeat Waynesboro City Council into giving it to you.

One member of City Council, Lorie Smith, has pointed out the difference amounts to a Big Mac, fries and drink a month, which the NV actually concedes to be the case even as the paper advocates for dipping into school funds and the city’s reserves to pass this thinly disguised tax break for the upper middle class and wealthy as being a necessity.

I say it’s time for us to take a bite out of their message. Literally.

Get your Big Mac combo meal and join us in front of the Charles T. Yancey Municipal Building at noon on Friday.

RSVP to by 5 p.m. Thursday, and we’ll even pick it up for you and have it waiting at City Hall.

This is coming together on the fry, er, on the fly, so I’m still working on a program of sorts for the event. I’d like to have Mayor Tim Williams join Lorie Smith and City Councilwoman Nancy Dowdy in giving a few brief remarks.

The enduring image would be of us regular taxpayer types showing City Council and the local newspaper that Waynesboro can eat a Big Mac and pay for its schools at the same time.


– Story by Chris Graham

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