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Beyond 12 therapy sessions: Dr. Yosef Alhasany stands for being a real human

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  • There are many different types of mental health disorders with depression being one of the most common disorders, of which, over 250 million people worldwide suffer from, in severe cases, this can lead to suicide.
  • Some forms of therapy do not bring long term healing and often medication prescribed only treats the symptoms.

This is what Dr. Yosef Alhasany (Yousef Khaled Fuad Hasan), who was born in Kuwait and graduated as a medical doctor and trained and certified in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, believes is an ineffective approach in the world of therapy. He aims to go beyond the traditional forms of therapy that usually only lasts for 12 sessions, he explains that, ‘12 sessions is not enough and it doesn’t dig deep into the roots of the issues’.

Before Dr. Yosef Alhasany found his own methods of therapy, describing it as a realistic  psychoanalytic medical approach; he suffered from Depression, OCD, and General Anxiety Disorder. He found there were no real treatments to these disorders and believed the general psychiatric method dragged patients along becoming a superficial approach, not rooted in reality, and the regular Cognitive Behavioral approach can be limiting.

Standing for being a real human

Dr. Yosef Alhasany excavates the human mind and emotions to find the real human hidden underneath the ‘fake self’, as he refers to it, which developed from many years of conditioning. His unique psychoanalytic medical approach starts with analyzing what happened during childhood and its issues, along with psychological complexes and emotional suppression, he explains, ‘we start to dissect them down and see how the “fake self” was made up and how the mind is operating, and we try to make the person conscious of those issues and it’s a very long term form of therapy’.

This approach comes from a deep rooted belief in what Dr. Yosef Alhasany stands for as a health practitioner, which is helping people reprogram their subconscious minds and the way they view reality. He says, ‘I’m trying to bring a realistic view instead of living in a fake self. Because actually most people are living a life that has nothing to do with their true self. We adopted belief systems that we inherited from parents, society, and religious structure’.

He believes in being an original, something that was instilled in him when he heard a powerful quote from his friend years ago – “where is the glory in doing what someone else has already done?”. Ever since, he has stood for creating his own way, and with mentors helping him along the way, he realized psychoanalysis is the foundation that can help people heal.

Beyond that, he stands for humanity and love, and importantly, raising the collective consciousness, starting with himself and his country and then the world, which he reaches through his social media platforms, with almost 1 million followers so far. As a Consultant Relationship Trainer, he has also done over 20 seminars in the Arab states, and provides extensive online courses about emotional dynamics of relationships and psychological issues, available on his website.

Dr. Yosef Alhasany is paving the way for others to break free from binding control structures, and is passionate about being an agent of change, stating, ‘I stand for taking people away from the enslavement that they lived in since they were kids because we might get enslaved by the systems that surround us, such as: parental systems, dysfunctional religious systems, social systems that don’t represent us., etc.’.

But, most of all, Dr. Yosef Alhasany stands for being a real human, helping others think for themselves and not become copies of the world around them, which he believes is largely a result from the education system, creating people who ‘memorize and copy things’.

Upcoming events

Dr. Yosef Alhasany is planning to release his first book soon, titled ‘Your Psychological Subconsciousness Complexes: Are Your Maternal Prison?’ with subtitle, ‘The Realistic Psychoanalytic Approach in Relationships, Childhood & Sexuality in the Arab Worlds’. The book will focus on various real life cases around topics of intimate relationships and gender-based issues present in the Arab culture.

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