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Beyer joins calls for criminal investigation into Trump election interference

Don Beyer
Don Beyer

Virginia Democrat Don Beyer today weighed in on the recording of a Jan. 2 call between President Donald Trump, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and their attorneys and staff.

You know, the one in which Trump pressured, ultimately unsuccessfully, Raffensperger to find votes for him that would reverse the election result in Georgia, which Democrat Joe Biden won on his way to a 7 million vote, 4.5-point, 306-232 Electoral College majority.

Yeah, wasn’t even close.

Same Electoral College margin as Trump had over Hillary Clinton in 2016, and you may remember, Trump lost the popular vote, by 2.9 million votes overall, in that one.

2016 was an accident of a long-broken Electoral College system that we can thank the Founders for.

2020 was a course correction.

Anyway, to Beyer, and his statement:

“The recording released yesterday establishes beyond a doubt that Donald Trump used the power of his office to threaten election officials, and to coerce them into committing criminal acts to overturn the election results. This clearly warrants a criminal investigation.

“The President previously held numerous meetings and calls with election officials and lawmakers in other states where he attempted to negate election results. Those conversations should be examined by investigators to determine whether Trump engaged in additional criminal acts.

“President Trump also has not acted alone in his attempts to overturn the election. Investigators should scrutinize the actions of White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Senator Lindsey Graham, and any others who there is reason to believe may have been party to criminal acts intended to change election results.

“This recording makes Nixon’s ‘smoking gun’ tape sound tame, but that tape captured only one part of a larger criminal conspiracy. Donald Trump must be held accountable for his illegal acts and his attacks on the Constitution. Nothing less than a criminal investigation will serve.”

Story by Chris Graham

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