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Beware the sticker patrol

Got this note in the e-mail inbox earlier in the week. “Augusta County residents are reminded that motor vehicle decals are no longer required by Augusta County and any expired decals should immediately be removed from the windshields of vehicles. Otherwise, a citation may be issued by State Police or County Sheriff Officers and vehicles could fail the required state inspection.”

Well, ain’t that just grand! We’ve been trying to get rid of the decals for how long, and now if we don’t remove them we could end up paying a fine.

Oh, and don’t forget, we still have to pay the money we used to pay for the decals. We just don’t have to replace the decals on the windshields.

I’m guessing our State Police and Sheriff’s Office have a lot better things to do than pull folks over because they didn’t remove an old county decal that they didn’t want to have to buy in the first damned place.

More from the e-mail: “The Code of Virginia under Section 46.2-1052 states that it is illegal to operate a vehicle in the State of Virginia with any sign, poster or material on the windshield unless it is required by law. The State Police manual requires inspectors to reject any vehicle that has any sticker placed on the windshield, except those required under state or federal law. Since Augusta County does not require the sticker, the inspector may either issue a rejection sticker or remove the decal so it will pass inspection. According to State Police Safety Division, the person presenting the vehicle for inspection would have the option to have the decal removed or fail inspection.”

I’m sorry, but this is just plain assinine.

That said, now you know. Beware the sticker patrol.


– Story by Chris Graham

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