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There’s no doubt that capitalizing on the strongest boxing picks is equal parts fun and challenging. From knowing which odds yield the best rewards and how to analyze fighter stats, to siding with the underdog or favorite, boxing picks are dynamic, enjoyable and constantly evolving. But how do you plan for upsets, differing fighting styles or unforeseen injuries?

Stick around as we analyze the day’s top boxing picks. We’ll take you through some tips for finding top contenders as well as all of the best bet types, odds and boxing predictions. From Álvarez and Golovkin, to Fury and Usyk, boxing is alive and well and swinging hard in 2024. 

The Latest Boxing Picks Today

There’s no shortage of leading boxing picks to place wagers on in 2024. Be sure to check in regularly right here as we’ll be bringing you fresh new boxing picks throughout the rest of the year, as well as leading boxing odds and expert insights into upcoming fights. 

The Sports Daily’s Boxing Expert Picks & Predictions

The world’s best boxing picks span multiple odds structures and bet types. These picks are carefully formulated by bookmakers throughout the year and delivered in different stages in the build-up to signature events. And, while the odds tend to change, there may just be a sweet science to analyzing boxing picks.

 Here are some of the day’s best free boxing picks and the methodology behind them.

Boxing Picks for the Moneyline

The most common type of boxing pick would be a moneyline bet or wager. These bet types are some of the easiest out there as you simply need to correctly predict the outcome of a fight, i.e, who will win and who will lose. 

Each fighter will be listed as a favorite or an underdog. Underdogs are identified with positive numbers (i.e, +120) while favorites are identified with negative numbers (i.e, -140). The number next to the favorite will indicate how much you’ll need to bet in order to win, while the number next to the underdog indicates how much you stand to win on a $100 bet. 

Moneylines can be subcategorized across 2-way and 3-way bets. A 2-way moneyline bet takes predictions on the winner of the fight and pushes back a draw (i.e returns all bets), while a 3-way moneyline bet will place predictions and collect in the event of a draw. 

A key factor taken into account when analyzing moneyline boxing picks is a fighter’s preferred form or style of boxing, i.e, you may have a hard slugger going up against a tenacious out-boxer. Either way, it pays to analyze a fighter’s unique form, stance and training roster in the build-up to a signature fight. 

Boxing Picks for Fight Winner 

A fight-winner bet goes a little deeper by placing odds on the method of victory. A fighter will more often than not win (or lose) by KO, wherein the opponent is unable to get up before the count of ten, or by TKO, where the fight stops because the opponent is unable to continue. Occasionally bookies will run odds on disqualifications, but this is rather rare. 

Look at a fighter’s track record for TKOs and KOs, how many they have under their belt as well as how many they’ve conceded in their career to date. With Tyson Fury, out of 32 wins 23 have been by KO. Moreover, you’ll see the fighter has an undefeated record. Compare Fury’s glowing stats to another fighter and you’ll see a different picture. 

XBet boxing picks - The best boxing picks

Boxing Picks for the Over/Under 

Another popular bet type when making boxing picks. As the name suggests, an over/under bet runs odds on whether a fight will finish over or under an allotted number of rounds. Head online to any top boxing sportsbook, pick the over/under bet type and you’ll see odds like “Fury vs. Alvarez: Over 6.5 Rounds: +200 and Under 6.5 Rounds: -130. 

The underdog position ( ”+” sign) indicates how much you’ll stand to win on a successful bet (i.e $200 on a $100 bet). The favorite position (“-” sign) indicates how much you’re going to have to bet in order to make a return ($130). When researching an upcoming fight, check each fighter’s record for going the distance as well as their pre-fight fitness levels. 

Boxing Picks for Round Betting 

Another popular yet fairly simple bet type, round betting can be subdivided into two major categories; namely which exact round a fight will run its course, or which group of rounds a fighter will win within (i.e, rounds 3-5). Round betting adheres to American odds structures, wherein a favorite and an underdog are chosen and presented with differing boxing picks. 

When it comes to round betting boxing picks, it helps to know which fighters have a reputation for either losing steam early on in a fight or gaining momentum later on from round to round. Analyzing footage from previous fights as well as fighter scorecards is a good way to prepare for high-profile upcoming fights and boxing picks tonight. 

Boxing Picks for Prop Bets 

One of the more eclectic bet types found in boxing today, proposition bets, sometimes known as novelty bets are made across a range of different occurrences, features, or events that can and may happen in an upcoming fight. Examples of prop bets may include wagering a stake on who throws the first punch, how long the fight will last, or the style or method in which a fight is won. 

A good prop betting tactic is to actively watch the build-up to a major fight, i.e behind the scenes footage, press conferences, weigh-ins and similar. You’ll get a unique feel for each player’s form and style, coaching team, pre-fight preferences, etc. All of which may come in handy when analyzing future prop bets. 

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What are Boxing Picks?

Boxing picks (or boxing odds) are one or more sets of predictions or bets made by bookmakers on which fighter is most likely to win a fight. Boxing picks can be as simple as wagering money on which fighter will win a fight but can become more nuanced, i.e which fighter will win within a certain round or by a certain method, combo, variant or style. 

Boxing picks are formulated by bookies based on a wide list of pre-fight criteria, with the most prominent being a fighter’s current win record to date. Each fighter’s current and past stats are compared, and, based on their propensity to either win or lose a scheduled fight, the right boxing picks and/or predictions will be formulated and posted online at leading sportsbooks. 

Boxing Picks and Parlays

While slightly tricky in nature, parlay bets are and continue to be some of the most popular forms of free boxing picks on the market today. Simply put, a parlay is when a punter makes multiple bets (two or more) and adds them to the same bet slip. In order for a parlay to come through as a winner, correct predictions need to be made on every bet placed. 

Parlays don’t necessarily need to be identical in nature. I could bet multiple boxing predictions on Tyson Fury vs. Terence Crawford, i.e who will win the fight, which round the fight will end, and who will be the first to throw a punch. The only constant is that every leg of the parlay needs to come off on a correct prediction in order to pay out. 

While rare in boxing, I could even bet on multiple fights on a given night. Keep in mind that parlays will not be presented as combo boxing odds. You’ll need to hand pick each bet type, select the parlay option in the online sports book you’re wagering within and then manually add each of the boxing picks to your bet slip. 

Sportsbetting.ag boxing picks - The best boxing picks

How We Make Boxing Picks and Predictions

When making predictions and combing through boxing picks, you’re never going to find perfectly balanced action. Each bookmaker will have their own take on an upcoming fight and release their odds accordingly. While not an exact science, we’ve found that adhering to the below criteria tends to drive home a winning line more often than not.

Win/Loss Record

Knowing a fighter’s win-to-loss record is a good jumping-off point when analyzing an upcoming fight. A quick Google search will bring up a fighter’s stats including their total wins and losses to date, the number of KOs, TKOs, draws and similar. While upsets can and regularly do occur, the quickest way to know a fighter’s capacity for victory or defeat comes down to their stats. 

Physical Attributes

Another indicator for analyzing and understanding upcoming boxing picks would be a  fighter’s physical attributes, as this can directly impact fighting style. Boxing is a grueling sport for older fighters who may tend to lose steam in the latter half of their career. Furthermore, height plays an important role in analyzing reach, while weight can help measure punching capacity. 

Stance and Form

A fighter’s stance can help determine and/or measure their range of movement and balance in the ring; crucial for equally matched fights with similar odds. Two fighters with similar stances (2x southpaw/2x orthodox) might be easier to predict going the distance, while dissimilar styles may result in quicker, “sharper” bouts. 

Where to Find Boxing Expert Picks

While we provide weekly predictions on all the biggest fights, there’s no shortage of top boxing picks in 2024 and it’s always good practice to get the widest scope on leading markets so that you can double down on the ones you see potential in. 

So, while we’re sure you’ll bookmark this page for top boxing insights and predictions, you can also do some added research when you visit top online sports books like Bovada, Sportsbetting.ag, XBet, BetOnline, or MyBookie. 

Furthermore, Youtube and Twitter are top sources for tailored boxing expert picks and world-class fight commentary. Special mention needs to go to BetUS and its dedicated boxing channel, Where expert boxing bettors make calculated predictions on title fights. 

Best Boxing Betting Sites

We set out to find the best boxing picks from leading sportsbooks across the country. The search has officially been narrowed down to ten top contenders for the title of best US sportsbook. Check them out below and don’t forget to check in regularly for more top boxing odds, predictions and reviews. 

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