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Betcha didn’t know this: How much do UFC fighters get paid?

ufclogo4What would you think a guy like Nate Quarry, a former contestant on The Ultimate Fighter, would get for a main-event title fight on a UFC pay-per-view?

No way you’d guess $10,000.

“I fought for the world title for $10,000,” Quarry wrote on his blog of his fight against then-UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin in the main event of UFC 56 in 2005.

Granted, that was nine years ago, but still, $10,000?

“Not a penny more. No bonus. No cut of the pay-per-view,” Quarry wrote.

Perhaps worse was the form email that Quarry received when he retired that reminded him that “should you choose to fight again you are still under contract with the UFC.”

“I didn’t even get a hard copy with a real signature that I could frame,” Quarry wrote.

“I know it’s a business,” Quarry noted. “And that’s the best piece of advice I can give to wanna be fighters. Fight for the love of the game. But you better treat it like a business. Because the promoter handing you a contract sure will.”

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