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Best ways to follow up on abandoned carts

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As a business owner, you realize that your most coveted commodity is time. One person or one small business can only do so much each day without running themselves rampant.  As a small business owner, you have an endless list of goals to achieve and tasks to accomplish.  Often, completing takes can be a slow process because certain things must get thrown onto the back burner when more urgent matters present themselves. You may get stuck in the day-to-day operations and miss out on opportunities that would help you increase the converted sales, ultimately allowing you to hire the workforce and scale your business.

A common missed opportunity in a small business online store is when customers leave abandoned items in their carts.  The customer certainly had some engagement with the company and showed interest in the product.  You can tell since the potential customer took steps to visit your online store, reviewed items, and added them to their online shopping cart.

But why did they not buy? What held the customer back? Why did the sale not cross the finish line? How can you convert these almost-sales into confirmed sales? And tricky, as a business owner, how do you find the time to contact every abandoned cart customer?

If there was a solution out there that would help you convert these sales without having to lift a finger, would you be interested to hear more?

How business owners use outside services to convert sales

You used your marketing dollars to bring traffic to your business’s website.  Do not let that go to waste by missing out on opportunities.  If your online business is missing your revenue goals, you should take the time and analyze your processes to identify the shortcomings.

If you see that your internet traffic to your website is up, but you can not finalize the sales, why? Some solutions can aid in successfully converting consumer interest to confirmed sales in your online store. These companies provide shopify plus abandoned cart recovery services.

This is how it works:

  • The potential customer sees an advertisement or social media post that showcases your company
  • The potential customer clicks the weblink to visit your online store
  • The potential customer then browses the products in the shop
  • As the potential customer looks and the visuals and reads the product descriptions, they may add the items to the online shipping cart so that they can remember the item
  • For whatever reason, the potential customer decides not to buy and abandons their online shopping cart
  • At this time, the left cart recovery service will be notified.

The abandoned cart recovery service will engage with the potential customer instantly by engaging with the customer using actual human conversations, not a bot.  During this conversation, the agent will have an actual text conversation with the customer, ask questions about their almost-purchase, and help the customer overcome any objections that may be holding them back from investing in the product.


As a business owner, the most efficient and effortless way to follow up on abandoned carts would be to implement a service in your business that specializes in converting abandoned carts sales. Without having to lift a finger, you can rest assured that no close-sales are being left unattended.  This streamlined sales process and additional sales support will be crucial to your business’s success and worth every penny. As this abandoned cart service works for your customers and the dollar signs keep rolling in, you can focus your efforts on other tasks required to keep your business operations running smoothly.

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