Best U.S. cities to buy a beach house

Best US cities to buy a beach house

Most of us dream about buying a small house somewhere by the ocean and retiring there. There’s just something about the sound of the waves slowly caressing the shore that makes any place with an ocean view peaceful and calming. In addition to this, buying a beach home can be a very lucrative investment in the long run. So, whether you’re planning a retirement or your next investment, here are some of the best US cities to buy a beach house in.

What makes a location one of the best US cities to buy a beach house?

Whatever the reason you’re buying a beach house, you’ll still want to pick the best possible location for your purchase. Thus, the perfect location for your ocean view home needs to meet certain criteria. Let’s start with the basic ones:

  • The weather – the weather should be warm and pleasant. When most of us think about a house on the beach we picture white sand and crystal blue water. We tend to forget that there are a lot of places which have beaches but are terrible for beach homes.
  • Possibilities – you’ll want to buy a home in a town which offers some possibilities for you and your family. Even if you want to move away from civilization in general, you’ll still need to be close to a hospital and a post office at the least. All the best US cities to buy a beach house in are not completely isolated.

Investment opportunities

If you’re looking to buy a beach house as an investment opportunity, you should focus on US cities which are popular. This means that they are often visited by American citizens or tourists. This will provide you with an endless supply of renters for your beach property.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy a beach house and run a business from it, there are some very popular spots you can count on. Just make sure you submit all the necessary paperwork. You can also check out these easy ways to make your small business green and make your business good for the environment, too!

Retirement plans

If you’re planning a retirement on a beach somewhere in the States and that’s why you’re looking to buy a beach house, you’ll need to look for a different type of town. The town you choose will depend entirely on your preferences and budget. Don’t spend too much money on the property itself, cause you’ll need to fix it up before you move in. So, make sure you save up some income.

In addition to this, you’ll need to check if your retirement plan will change when you relocate to a new city. Some plans won’t allow this, so get the needed information before you buy a beach property. You can check this with your employer or by reading the top news from a reliable source.

Best US cities to buy a beach house

Finally, here are the best cities for purchasing a beach home. Some of them will meet your average investment standards while others are perfect for retiring in. However, some are really good for both!

Boca Raton, Florida

boca raton

As far as the best US cities to buy a beach house go, Boca Raton is one of the top suggestions. This town is not only affordable, but it’s also getting more and more popular as years go by. So, this means it is a great place to buy property as an investment or as a retirement option. Because of its affordability, you won’t have a hard time living there while you’re retired. And because of its recent popularity, you won’t need to worry about your beach house being empty of renters. Finally, it’s close to the capital of Florida, which means civilization is always close by if you need it.

Miami, Florida


If you’re looking to buy property on a beach, you should think about relocating with your family to Florida. The Sunshine State offers amazing opportunities, and Miami is foremost in all of them. The city is full of interesting things to do while you’re not enjoying amazing sunsets from your beach house patio, and Florida is famous for its retirement programs and options. So, this is another city where buying a beach house can work both ways for you.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is one of the best affordable cities to live in the USA. It’s also a city on a beach. Even though people don’t always think of South Carolina when they hear the word “beach”, this town is the perfect place for retirement. A quiet, affordable place to live in, with breathtaking views of the ocean and nine warm months in the year.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Now, if you’re looking to invest in a beach house, there is no better place than Atlantic City. With a little renovating, you can get your investment back after the first tourist season. If you invest a little more cash in making your beach house stand out, you can even draw some regular. If they like your property well enough, they’ll return every year for more. And if you don’t want to renovate your property too much, you can still find a lot of people willing to rent a beach house for their vacation. So, you won’t need to worry.

Kauai, Hawaii (or literally anywhere in Hawaii)

We really don’t need to tell you that buying a property on these tropical islands is a good idea. Unfortunately, the prices may be way over your designated budget. However, if you do get a chance to buy a beach house on the islands, don’t hesitate! This will be a great investment opportunity, as well as the perfect retirement location.

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