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Best sofa brands to look for in India

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Whenever we plan to decorate the room, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is the interiors. Sofas or couches are on the topmost priority of the list as it is the center of attraction of your home and gives an elegant look to the place.

Due to its high demand and diverse features, it becomes daunting for an individual to select one specific sofa for their place. An individual needs to choose the right sofa because most of the guests and loved ones will sit and relax.

If you are also confused among different brands of the sofa, then need not fret! You are at the right place. In this article, you will get to know the best brand sofas that are mostly preferred by individuals to give an engaging look to your place. All the added points will not help you to select a comfortable sofa for the best brand and also gives you the chance to impress the visitors.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best sofa brands that you can buy in India.

7 Top Sofa Brands in India

Let’s get started…

#1- Royall Oak

It is one of the most common brands which offers a wide range of furniture options such as sofas, bed, chair, table, and many more. The best part about this particular brand of sofas is that you can get it online and is available all around the globe such as Malasia, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and many more.

If you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money and looking for some basic sofa, then a royal oak sofa will best suit your desires. The pocket springs that are used in this particular type of couch will not only offer a comfortable sitting but also provides efficient durability.

So, you don’t have to worry about its maintenance as it is made up of good quality suede fabric. Also, the design of this sofa is fantastic and will give a classy look to your place. If you still cannot invest some amount of money at a single time, then you can also get a sofa on rent in Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Delhi, etc.

#2- Wipro Furniture

It is another top brand which is well known for its good quality furniture and is present in various locations. This particular brand is world-famous for its classy and good quality sofas. There are more than 40 centers around the globe in which they offer the services of excellent furniture. They also deliver a wide range of products like tables, office furniture, partition system, benches, etc.

So, if you want stylish sofas with good quality and affordable cost, then you can go with Wipro furniture.

#3- Urban Ladder

If you are looking for the brand which is not only familiar with its stylish furniture but also provides affordable sofas, then your search will be over here.

Don’t worry about the variety. You will get a wide range of sofas that will make you feel relaxed for sure. The best part about the sofas of the Urban ladder is its high-performance upholstery fabric. So, if you want to give a special look to your room then you can opt for an urban ladder brand as it is durable and classy.

#4- Ikea Couch

It is another world top furniture brand that has a good presence of 29 years in India. It is a Swedish company but its main office is located in Delhi. It offers different varieties of office and home decor furniture along with some antiques. There are 10 centers of Ikea across the country like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc.

Do you know why Ikea is known for its sofas? The couch they provide can easily be zipped off and easy to clean. People get ten years warranty and don’t have to worry about its durability and maintenance. One can purchase their sofas with their eyes closed.

If you are looking for the brand which makes the sofas of cotton or polyester blend fabric and within the low cost, then Ikea is right for you.

#5- Durian

Durian is another brand which strikes the mind of the people when someone talks about the quality, comfortable and affordable brand.

It is a plywood company established in 1981 in Mumbai. This company is working as a furniture firm since 1985 and offering excellent services to the customers at an affordable cost. The most interesting part of Durian is its 5 years warranty and the availability of the products at an affordable cost starting from rupees 2500 to rupees 25000.

Don’t worry about the availability of Durian sofas. There are around 30 outlets all over the country which has a stamp of quality on it. You can easily get comfortable and trendy sofas which will not only fit your budget but also helps you in making your room effective and Instagram worthy.

#6- Zuari

It is another well-known furniture brand also known as the sister company to Birla Group. This company is operating since 2001 in India and its main office is located in India. If you want to get a sofa from an ISO certified company, then Zuari is for you.

Zuari brand has gained the trust and faith of their customers by delivering excellent services and quality products. People prefer to purchase the sofa from Zuari due to their comfort and affordable cost. Moreover, you can reach this brand easily and can get most of the services at different ranges of cost from rupees 2000 and rupees 75000.

Wrapping it Up

If you want to get the best sofas in your home, then you can choose one of the brands listed above. Choosing one particular type of sofa can be the most difficult decision to take, but if you will go through the above information, you can easily decide which brand suits your requirements. Now, you can easily get the most comfortable sofas at an affordable cost.

Hope, hope the above information will guide you in the right direction and you’ll end up buying the best sofa that suits with your home interior.

Happy Purchasing!!!

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