Best smartphone games to play right now

smartphone gamesIf you are an avid gamer like me, you will no doubt look at every possible opportunity whereby you can get your gaming kicks. Sometimes I will play on my consoles, other times I will play retro games online, sometimes I’ll include betting and play games at Novibet, other times I will simply reach for my smartphone, where I have a huge amount of gaming apps just waiting for me in my pocket. For those of you who love to game on your smartphone, I wanted to put together some of my favorite phone games, why not download them and give them a try?

Boom Beach

Boom Beach is an awesome strategy game which sees you build your very own base on an uninhabited island. Throughout the game you will be rewarded money and supplies for just using the game, as you look to lock down your base and its production plants. The best part of the game for me however is not building a strong base that can withstand an attack, but rather to go out and destroy other islands, so that you can steal some booty. As the game progresses you will level up your warriors and unlock new attacks. This is an addictive game which strategy players will love.

Stickman Cricket

What I love most about smartphone games is their simplicity and the Stick series does that very well indeed. My favorite of all of the Stick games is without question Stick cricket, a length and entertaining game which will see you pit your wits against some of the best cricket nations in the world. Each team that you play on your path to be champion will be more difficult and will set you a trickier run total than the last game. In this game you only bat, so no need to try and master a difficult and convoluted bowling system. You will find that you improve more and more as the game goes, learning about when the ball win swing and spin. Hit monster sixes and sleek fours on your way to beating all of the teams in front of you.

Sniper 3D

I love shooting games but my opinion of doing so via smartphone is that it can become very difficult and you can easily lose grip of the controls. This is precisely why I love Sniper 3D so much, because it is a slow game which is about accuracy more than speed. You will be given various missions which involve you taking a target out or even a group of targets. Protect the city from terrorism and petty crime, all powered by your handy sniper rifle. As you move through the game you will earn more money which you can then use to upgrade your weapons, for more power and better accuracy.

What are your favorite smartphone games right now? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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