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Best peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe 

investingIn case you have been wondering to invest your money in an online business, then why don’t you choose peer-to-peer lending? Are you not aware of this business? Well, there is nothing to worry about because I am going to tell you all, you need to know about peer-to-peer lending along with the best peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe.

Peer-to-peer lending also known as P2P lending is a way through which you can lend money to the borrowers of loans. When the loan is paid by the borrower, you as the lender would receive all your money back along with the interest that you would decide at the time of the agreement.

Now coming towards peer-to-peer lending platforms or websites, they serve as a marketplace for both borrowers and lenders. These websites unite both borrowers and lenders at one commonplace so both can decide things on mutual understanding. It’s a plus for borrowers as they need not go to the banks to request funding.

There are numerous P2P lending websites on the web, however, plenty of them can be spam or fraud. This is the reason why; I am writing this article to enlighten you regarding the best peer-to-peer platforms from where you can earn profit as an investor.


In Europe, Mintos is a renowned name when peer-to-peer lending is concerned. It is the biggest platform featuring 390,000 active investors from multiple countries having an account in Europe. It is the most popular choice of investors and borrowers due to its unique diversification system which is guaranteed.


It is based in Estonia however, it supports loans and connections in Bulgaria as well. It is one of the most interesting peer-to-peer lending platforms.

They focus on serving only the “safest” loans.

This is because the originators of IUVO hold 30 percent of the loan amount so that the risk could be divided among investors and originators. This is the reason why it is possibly the less risky P2P website and many people, rather investors opt for IUVO if they want to invest in the peer-to-peer lending business.


Are you looking for a ” property-backed P2P lending website”? Then you need to stop looking any further because Estateguru is the perfect stop point for you. The transparency it offers makes it the safest peer-to-peer lending website and this is the reason why many investors and borrowers consider it to be the best pick.


Flender is a peer-to-peer lending platform found in 2015 in Ireland. The focus of their attention is not to earn profit, rather they try to cooperate with SMEs as much as possible.

This is the reason why their default rate is extremely low. Flender offers smooth functionality, and the data is secured. However, you need to keep in mind one point that the usage of this platform is geographically limited which implies that the loans are all originated in one single country, Ireland.

Final verdict

Peer-to-peer lending is a newly introduced business that incorporates risks in it. But investing at such high return rates is worth taking risks. You may look forward to success and profit if you choose any of the above-mentioned platforms.

Story by M Rafiq

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