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Best gold ring designs for women

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Gold is the most precious stone that one can have. It portrays class and wealth, but more importantly, it makes you look spectacular, and that is the desire of every woman. Plus, it never runs out of style. Buying the best gold ring for your woman can be baffling.

Nevertheless, this article will guide you on making the right move, answer most of your questions, and help you on the journey to having the best gold ring design worth your cash.

What is the best gold ring to buy?

Well, now that you have decided that a gold ring is what you need, you still have a long way to go before finally having that ring on your finger. Firstly, it’s good to note there’re various types of gold rings. Based on the color, Karat, and design.

Colour is mostly your choice; go for what attracts you. However, the quality of the metal can as well determine its appearance. Pure gold is yellow, while white gold has other metals (alloys)in it. Hence, the latter is more durable. Rose gold is another type of gold that is pink in color. It’s a blend of pure gold (yellow glow) copper, and silver.

Gold Karat is a figure that helps you to know how pure your gold is. 24K represents 100% pure gold. But, it doesn’t mean that it’s best for your ring. Since a 24K gold is very delicate, it is usually mixed with other metal alloys to make it harder and more durable.

Therefore, an 18K gold contains 75% of gold and 25% other metal content. 14K has 58.5% of gold, and 10K gold is 42% pure. High Karat gold rings are suitable to wear for occasions while low karat gold rings are suitable for everyday wear.

How much is a 24k gold ring worth?

Pure gold (24K) price is measured by ounces, and it has the highest value. Ounces are then converted into grams to know the cost of any gold alloy. The more gold content in a gold alloy, the higher the value. So, 22K gold comes second, followed by 18K, 14K with 10K being the lowest.

And just like in the money market, gold also has its market price that changes every day. Most jewelers will have it displayed in their stores/websites to help you calculate the amount of your desired metal.

For example, if a price for 24K gold is $56.27/gram, then 14K gold will cost you $32.82/gram. (56.27/24*14). You’ll have to add the amount of the other metals together with the labor to get a rough estimate price.

How do I choose a gold ring?

Choosing a gold ring doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are some of the question you need to ask yourself;

  • Do you need a ring to wear daily or occasionally?

If you are picking a wedding ring, you will have it on most of the time. In this case, avoid 24k and 18k gold as they are soft and can scratch easily. Buy these types of gold only when you need a ring to wear during occasions.

  • What type of job do you do?

Again, if your job is more casual, go for lower Karat gold such as 10K or 14K to avoid damaging it so soon. Otherwise, 18K gold is suitable if you work in an office.

  • Which color/design do you prefer?

The color and design is your choice. However, a fancy design may also be delicate, so you also need to consider that too. Braided gold rings are best for casual jobs because you can wear them plainly with no gem setting.

  • Filled gold or gold plated?

Filled gold rings are entirely made of gold (and its alloys), while gold plated bands are made of other metals but coated with a layer of gold. The latter is usually cheaper, readily available, and less durable.

Gold plated rings may also contain metal such as nickel underneath that usually reacts to some skins. Therefore, you may even avoid solid gold to avoid skin reactions when the gold layer peels off.

  • What is your budget?

As always, you need to set a budget before you purchase any item. However, don’t be afraid to spend on this precious stone because it’s an investment.

How many carats is yellow gold?

Yellow gold is pure gold and has 24K. Its color fades as other metals (alloys) are added to it. The 18K gold is not as bright in color as 24K. The more other metal content they’re in gold, the less shiny it becomes.

There you have it! Whether you’re a woman who needs to add more accessories in your wardrobe or a man buying a ring for a special woman, the information above is all you need. You can now comfortably purchase the best gold ring design, and you’ll never regret it.

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