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Best gifts for your grandma this holiday season

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Shopping for grandparents can be hard. While the internet gives us more tools for shopping than ever before, it can be hard to breach that generational divide and find something you’re your grandma will love. Fortunately, a little bit of thoughtfulness along with some smart research can get you results without a lot of work. Here are some thoughts when seeking out a holiday gift for your grandmother.

If you are more of the budget cautious shopper, you can find quite an array of cheaper gift options that your grandmother is sure to love. One of those options is a cookie subscription box. You could potentially spend less than 30 dollars on a box that continues to bring your grandmother joy for months to come. Also, these subscription services do offer easy and fast ways to cancel if you’d only like your grandmother to get a one-month subscription.

One of the best things you can do for your grandmother is to make sure that she is always comfortable. Considering she goes out of her way to make sure you are thought of and supported, giving her the gift of comfort should be a number one priority. One way to do this is to shop for items your grandmother will be sure to love.

Robes are a budget-friendly option considering you can get a high-quality option for just under $50. Everyone needs a good pair of house shoes and luckily slippers are the perfect way to go. You can go all out on slippers by having them monogrammed with your grandmother’s initials. Or you can simply find a pair that suits your grandmother’s personal style at your local department store.

Food is always an option if you are deciding on the perfect gift for your grandmother. Luckily there are different gift baskets available for purchase that come equipped with some of the best foods money can buy. For example, fruit baskets are pretty popular and you can even get options that have fruit drizzled in chocolate that taste delicious.

Blankets and throws are also a great gift idea for your grandmother. When shopping for the perfect throw for your grandmother, you have to go in and consider her personal taste. Does your grandmother prefer wool or cotton? Depending on her own personal preferences, both fabrics provide different benefits. Cotton is breathable and will keep you cool throughout warmer months. Wool is specifically made for those colder climates considering the fabric is more restrictive.

If you want to be particularly thoughtful, you could get your grandmother personalized jewelry equipped with charms of things she loves. There are many different companies that sell charm bracelets with cute little charms that make the bracelet really pop. Lockets are also a great piece of jewelry that will allow you to present your thoughtful side. You can put in a picture of any loved one in the locket so she will have them close to her heart wherever she goes.

Spa bath products are the perfect gift to give just about anyone. It is the universal way to express that you really care about your loved ones and want them to feel relaxed and refreshed. You can purchase gift baskets with these products or make a basket yourself. If you don’t have the time to put extra thought into a gift because you are having a busy year, this is definitely the way to go.

Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be complicated if you go into it with a plan. The holidays are supposed to be a time of family and togetherness. Instead of stressing, make a plan to get each member of your family something they will love.

Story by David Van Der Ede

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