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Best gift ideas for graduates

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College graduates are excited about finally starting their careers. If you are a proud family member or friend of a recent college grad, there is a good chance you are in the market to find the perfect gift for them. This article goes over the best gift ideas for graduates based on your budget and what grads truly need.

Real adult furniture

Graduates have had enough of cheap dorm furniture. IKEA has gotten them by long enough, but it’s time to invest in some real furniture that will last them more than a semester. For furniture options that won’t break the bank, consider West Elm, Living Spaces, or CB2. These stores provide real, sophisticated furniture at discounted prices. If buying furniture is too expensive for you, get them a magazine catalog to these stores instead. This way, they can stay up to date on new furniture collections for any their own purchases down the road.

An Audible membership

For further reading and continued learning, please give them the gift that keeps on giving with Audible. They’ll have access to everything from audiobooks to meditations to keep their minds sharp. Audible memberships are also totally affordable and can be sent as digital gift cards.

Skip the hassle of wrapping and send their gift instantly. If books aren’t their thing, consider all of the other Printable gift cards you can choose from. Better yet, get them a Visa gift card and let them pick out whatever they want! The perks of purchasing gift cards are endless. You can gift your grad with transportation services, books, games, subscriptions, and so much more. Take the headache out of buying gifts and let the gift cards do the gifting for you. In, there are various card options for your preference or purpose.

An office planner

Those tiny school agenda books don’t hold up in the real world. Get your grad something that they can use to crush all of their career goals. We recommend office planners from Staples or OfficeMax. Go for leatherbound notebooks for durability. We recommend flipping through the pages to ensure that there is a weekly and monthly calendar layout available for all of their planning needs. If you want something more personalized, see handmade planners on Etsy.

A nice wallet

Now that your grad is in the real world, they’ll be making real money (as soon as they win over the boss at the job interview!). Get them a wallet they can use to keep track of their cards, cash, and spare change. Pick a thin-style wallet, preferably one with a money clip or strap to keep everything nice and tidy. Check out Wilson’s Leather for stylish options that won’t break the bank.

A Costco membership

As your grad pursues the job hunt, they’ll need an affordable way to get the fuel they need for the search. Get them the gift of food bulk by purchasing a yearly Costco membership in their name. They’ll get all the products they need at prices that can’t be beat. After all of those nights eating microwave ramen noodles, don’t you think they deserve some real food?

A fitness tracker

Give your grad the gift of fitness and purchase a fitness tracker as your gift. Choose from Apple Watches, Fitbits, and the Oura Ring for trendy, high-tech options they’ll be sure to love. Check out Best Buy or Target for discount deals on these top tech items for health and fitness. You can even customize your wristbands if you choose the Apple Watch. Pick a color that matches their personality. If they don’t like it, let them know that the bands are interchangeable.

A new computer

Apple just launched its newest desktop, but if the latest computer is too much, go for alternatives that offer just as much quality. Consider buying an iPad or a MacBook instead if you’re set on getting a computer from Apple. If you’re open to other brands, check to see if you can find any deals at tech department stores. Your grad will love the convenience and support of having a new computer.

A meal delivery kit subscription

If shopping at Costco is too much of a hassle for them, consider purchasing a meal-delivery kit subscription as their graduation gift. They’ll have the convenience of having groceries for the week sent to their home. You’ll help them ease into home cooking after years of cafeteria food and leftovers. Choose from tons of healthy options or go for an Amazon Prime membership so that they can have fresh groceries delivered to their door at any time.

A gym membership

If your grad likes working out, get them a gym membership to keep up with their fitness. You might consider getting them a fitness tracker to go with their membership for a gift that’s the total package. You don’t even have to spend a fortune to get them a gym membership. Some offer monthly packages, so you aren’t paying all year long. Planet Fitness starts at just $10 a month with no commitment. Sounds like a great gift to me.

Shaving subscription kit

Choose from Harry’s or Dollar Shave Club and get all the shaving products you need delivered right to your door. Your grad will love the convenience of getting new shaving tools every month and will have fun with the customization process as well. You can even get their name engraved on their razor stand if you purchase the metal cube stand from Harry’s. How neat is that?! My Therabox has tons of hygiene and self-care items in their subscription too if you’re grad is more into bath and beauty products.

We know that finding the right graduation gifts can be challenging. The good news is that most grads are looking for gifts that they can use as they ease into the real world. Take this theme to heart and consider our ideas seriously. Do so, and you’ll be sure to impress.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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