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Best gestures to say ‘thank you’ to someone

thank you
Photo Credit: michaelheim

When you are in a tight spot and someone bails you out, you feel eternally grateful to that person. It could be something as simple as needing a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen.

If you have been in such a situation where someone has done something so important and meaningful for you, simply saying “thank you” is not enough to express your gratitude. Read on and discover other ways of expressing yourself.

Thank You Photo

The great thing about this way of saying thank you is that it is so simple, you can do it in less than 10 minutes. All you need is the gift you were given (if that is possible), a sign that says “Thank you”, a camera or your phone and a big smile.

Take a photo of yourself with the gift and the sign. You can choose one of many ways of getting your message to the intended person such as forwarding it to their phone. Alternatively, you can write them an email and attach the photo.


Sending flowers is still the most popular method used by people to show their appreciation. It is the traditional way of having stood the test of time. By sending a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, you will definitely wow the recipient and show them just how happy you are.

However, selecting the right arrangement can be a little tricky, but help is always available. Flower shops actually make congratulation flowers that can be used for any special occasion. They have experience in crafting bouquets and flower arrangements for high-end occasions so you can trust them to assist you to create a unique arrangement that will leave a lasting impression on your recipient’s mind.

Say It in Writing

The written word is powerful and it can let you say a lot more than you would probably be comfortable saying face to face. A thank you note saying how what the person did has helped is always welcome.

If your talent leans more towards poetry, you can put pen to paper and write a poem expressing your thanks. This is a rare talent and your recipient will be touched knowing that you have taken time to write them a poem.

You can even go a little further and write them a letter. The art of letter writing is slowly dying. That is why writing them a letter is good because it shows them that you have really thought about what to give them.


Wine, just like flowers has been used by organizations to show how much they appreciate their top customers, and by individuals to show their appreciation. There are various ways of boxing the wine bottle.

You can put it in a cloth draw bag with a big “Thank You” written on the bag or put it in a box and write “Thank You” on the inside lid of the box. To be more dramatic, completely overwhelm them with a wine gift box.

A Snapchat Story

It is always best if you can “talk” the same language as the recipient of the gift. If the person you want to thank is in their teens, you can surprise them with a thank you story on Snapchat. You can personalise the message by using Snapchat’s variety of fun emojis.

Candy and Cookies

One thing is for sure, you can never go wrong with a box of candy. Surprisingly, this does not have to be an expensive gift. Instead of going to the store and buying the most expensive basket of sweets, get your own collection of sweets and wrap them together in some brightly coloured wrapping paper with a thank you note taped to it.

If you feel like experimenting with the oven, you can make some homemade cookies. Have fun decorating the cookies by writing “thank you” on them in fun colours and designs.

One Good Turn…

At a moment that they least expect it, surprise the person who did you a good turn by doing something for them. What you do does not have to be something out of this world. It can be as simple as offering to rake their lawn, trim their fence, babysit for them or even wash their car.

In this particular case, it is not the deed that counts, it is the thought. However, it is a lot nicer if what you do for them is something that needs doing. On the other hand, you can be there for them when they need it. This shows that what they did for you meant a lot to you.

The next time you want to say “Thank You” to someone, try doing one of the above and watch the smile on the recipient’s face.