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Best ergonomic pillows for working from home

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There’s a high chance that you’re reading this from a slouching position with your head and shoulders hunched, especially if you’ve been sitting for a while now without proper back support.

Frequent extended periods of slouching put a lot of strain on your lower back, spinal discs, and entire body. With time, you’ll find yourself experiencing immense back pain or be heavily fatigued when you are done with your work for the day. This happens when you sit for hours at a chair that offers little to no support to your abdominal area.

If this is the case, you should consider getting an ergonomic pillow. A good ergonomic pillow will help maintain the S-shape of your spine thus relieving pressure on your joints, muscles, and the spine itself.

Here are some of the best-rated ergonomic pillows. Read more.

1. Vremi premium memory foam

This pillow is made from black hypo-allergenic cotton and 100% premium memory foam meaning it doesn’t flatten out, ensuring you get enough support to maintain your body posture. The pillow can be used in professional settings and comes with adjustable straps so that it can fit any size or style of chair.

2. Husband dark grey reading pillow with arms

If you’re looking for an ergonomic pillow that offers great support when reading, then this one could serve as a great choice for you. It will give your back seamless support for reading, lounging, resting, and even sleeping.

Apart from being super comfortable, the Husband Pillow with Arms comes with side pockets that you can use to keep your remote, glasses, or phone.

3. The original McKenzie lumbar roll by OPTP

This pillow is highly unique because unlike other typical pillows, the Original McKenzie is shaped like a log. This shape works great by creating a snug fit against the back along the natural S-curve of the spine.

Its cover can be easily removed for washing and it also comes with an adjustable strap that holds the pillow tightly to a seat of any shape or size.

4. LOVEHOME memory foam back cushion

This pillow is highly recommended by chiropractors for people who experience lower or mid-back pain as well as those who’ve just had surgery. It’s ultra-comfortable and is made from premium memory foam which is designed to curve to the shape of your back.

You won’t have to be concerned about this pillow sliding off your seat because it has two adjustable straps meant to hold it in place.

It’s a good thing thing to be conscious of your posture as you work or study. Using pillow support is a great idea that will save you from lower back pain in the future. They are a cheap and effective alternative to buying a highly-priced new office chair.

You can place your pillow right where you feel it offers you the most comfort. It could be against your upper back, just above your tailbone, or even at your waistline.