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Best dice sets for your family game night

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Dice are great tools to implement during family game night for entertainment purposes and to fine-tune coordination. Here we list the best dice per game for your family game night and why they provide the perfect balance of fun and learning.

Tenzi dice game

This is a dice game that encourages quick reaction time and has nine different ways to play. You only need two players, and it is accommodating for all ages. The name of the game is straightforward: be the first to get all of your dice to say the same number!

Left, Center, Right (LCR) dice sets

Keep up with your visual directionality skills and play this dice sets game with three or more players of all ages. The rules are simple to follow. You roll your dice, which tells you where to pass your chips. The last player with all their chips is the winner. The game uses three LCR dice and includes 24 playing chips.

Boggle and Boggle Junior

To help your little one get better at letter and word recognition, consider playing Boggle or Boggle Junior. This dice game is perfect for players of ages four and up, and you only need one to two players. Boggle also helps children fine-tune their matching spelling and memory skills.

Shut The Box game

This box is filled with three different games that use dice to differentiate combinations in scoring and integrate math skills. You only need two players, and it is appropriate for those ages eight and up. This game is perfect for a family game night and is also great for hosting a large group of guests at the bar.

Yahtzee dice game

This is a well-known game that requires only two players, and it is appropriate for those ages eight and up. This is considered the “shake and score” game that has been loved for generations. The game’s goal is to roll five dice and gain more points by getting certain combinations together. The added twist of luck makes this game all the more suspenseful and thrilling.

Dicecapades pizza party

Play this dice game when you’re hungry. This fast dice game requires two players making it the perfect family fun game for you and your little one. You roll your dice and try to match your pizza toppings that go with your slice based on what the dice reveals. This game is great for players ages six and up.

Dice games are a great blend of entertainment and math skills. Have a blast with your family and friends with these simple and fun dice games. These games are easy for on-the-go, parties, and home use, as they contain only a few dice per game. If all else fails, create your own game. Dice are incredibly versatile, so you can use them to place your own terms. Get creative with your family and come up with new dice games after you’ve played round after round of Yahtzee.

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